Latest British Airways News, October.

British Airways are more than just an airline, they’re a service that connects people from around the world. Flying British Airways is often a privilege, with class leading customer service and comfort, as well as award winning customer service.

As a British Airways customer, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled experience, but it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest news coming out of the company. Throughout their over 40-year history, the company have been at the heart of some of the biggest stories of the day, so what’s going on with British Airways in October 2017? Here’s the latest news:

Twin British Airways Pilots Retire with Landings 30 Seconds Apart

They say twins share a remarkable bond, but two British Airways pilots have taken that to a new level. The twins, who have been with the company for a number of years, ended their final flights for the BA just 30 seconds apart, after clocking up more than 45,000 flying hours between them.

Jeremy and Nick Hart celebrated their 60th birthdays by touching down at Heathrow and putting an end to their stories careers at almost the same time, despite the fact that the two brothers never flew in the same BA crew because they were both captains.

British Airways Plans to Move all Employees to new Pension Scheme

British Airways have opened talks with employees and trade bodies over a pension plan, just two weeks after its proposed plan to close its current pension scheme was attacked by unions.

BA have suggested that the new scheme will be “more flexible” than the outgoing plan, giving staff pension choices such as whether to take the compulsory employer contribution as cash or for higher employer contributions.

British Airways is proposing that all staff are shifted to the new scheme from next April and shutting the New Airways Pensions Scheme to future contribution from its existing 17,000 members. It said that the reasoning behind the shift was their £3.7bn pension deficit.

Now, with full details in hand, the workers union Unite have said “Now that we have finally seen BA’s set of proposals, we will study them carefully and listen to your comments before putting forward our formal response.”

British Airways Share Price Jumps Following Monarch Collapse

Shares in UK listed airlines like British Airways have leapt up following news that Britain’s fifth largest airline, Monarch Airlines, has ceased operations.

Monarch went into administration after failing to secure financial backing over the weekend and is the largest ever UK airline collapse, causing the biggest repatriation of British citizens in peacetime.

All flights were immediately cancelled, affecting an estimated 300,000 bookings and causing customers to flock to alternative flight providers to get away and come back from their holidays and business trips. Indeed, BA have reported high numbers of customers seeking the British Airways contact details.

That, alongside the reduced competition, has meant that the top four flight providers from the UK have seen shares climb dramatically. British Airways parent company, AIG, saw shares climb 2% on the news, whilst shares in Ryanair and easyJet both rose 3%.