Latest ASDA News (October 2016)

ASDA have come a long way since their origins in Leeds in the 1920s, growing to become a national chain owned by Walmart and one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. However, for regular customers, they’ve always been pretty bad at getting all of the most important news about themselves together in one place. So, in an effort to help out long-time customers like yourself, we’ve brought together all the biggest ASDA stories into one place – right here. So, what have you been missing? Let’s find out.

Pork Which Tested Positive for MRSA Stays on ASDA Shelves

Concerns have been raised that pork infested with the superbug MRSA and found in ASDA and Sainsbury’s has not been removed from shelves, potentially putting local residents’ health in risk.

A strain of MRSA found in British-produced mince pork can still be found in ASDA supermarkets around Britain as both supermarkets have failed to issue a recall. The Guardian originally broke the story, and according to further reports customers are still able to buy the meat products. A spokeswoman for Asda said: “Our customers can be assured that we are working closely with industry groups and farmers to make sure that antibiotics are used responsibly in farm animals. We are doing all we can to promote good animal health and welfare conditions without relying on antibiotics.”

A spokeswoman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, added: “Livestock-associated MRSA is not the same as MRSA strains that can cause healthcare-associated infections and if meat is handled and prepared properly, the risk to people is low.

“Defra and the National Pig Association recommend that pigs imported to Britain are screened for LA-MRSA.

“The Government is currently reviewing options for surveillance, which will be proportionate to the very low health risk posed by livestock-associated MRSA.”

Customers have been calling the ASDA direct contact number to check whether their pork has been infected, and are being advised to return the affected product for a refund.

ASDA Recalls Tiger Sausage Rolls

ASDA have warned that packs of six Tiger Sausage rolls could pose a health risk and have recalled them after the FSA warned of improper labelling.

The product, which costs £1.50, does not list milk as one of its ingredients, which could mean that customers with an allergy or intolerance are subjected to the substance, causing harm. For their part, ASDA have apologised for the oversight and requested that customers who have a milk allergy or intolerance not to eat the product and to return them to the store for a full refund.

Emergency Services Called after Car Crashes into ASDA in Cardiff

Emergency services were called after a car crashed into an Asda store in Coryton, Cardiff. Shoppers were shocked to see the car stuck halfway through the exterior wall of the supermarket and immediately rushed to help the elderly couple who were involved in the crash. Shopper John Harrison witnessed the accident, saying: “We were leaving the Asda store at around 10.30am when we heard one hell of a noise,” he said.

“A few bays over from the entrance a car had gone through the bollards along the disabled bay and into the front of the building.

“It hit with quite a force as there was extensive damage to the vehicle and the building.

“I ran over and there was an elderly gentleman and an elderly female.”