Latest Asda News – Nov, 2015.

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Asda’s Sales Fall 4.5% in Q3

The UK grocery sector is undergoing gigantic upheaval at the moment, after struggling to deal with the threat posed by discount retailers like Aldi and Lild. Now, in their Q3 results for 2015, it would appear that their efforts are continuing to fail, as the company announce that sales fell a massive 4.5% during the three months to the end of September. It follows a decline of 47% in Q2, which was Asda’s worst performance in their entire history.

The companies’ chief executive, Andy Clarke, is under fire to turn the chain around. He’s already announced plans to revamp big stores, cut the price of everyday essentials and shelve plans to expand their Click and Collect services, but more pressure is being applied to rapidly bring the company back up to competition, especially now that the company is owned by the Walmart Group.

Clarke said “There’s no doubt this represents another challenging quarter. Sales volumes remain under pressure from price deflation and the intensely competitive background remains throughout the food sector. Having said that, we have the financial strength and clear plan to sustain us through this period. I’m confident that by reinforcing our offer we can further extend our price advantage over major competitors and close the gap against the limited assortment discounters – not only on price, but across range, service and quality.”

Source: The Guardian

Asda Rated Worst for Customer Service

Yet more bad news for the nationwide supermarket chain as the Leeds based retailed topped the charts for customer complaints. The research comes from Resolver, the free online complaint-resolution tool, and revealed that 5,478 complaints flooded in about Asda – more than four times higher than the next most complained about supermarket.

Complains typically circled around issues with products, returns, staff conduct and home delivery problems. The research also showed that Asda was the only main supermarket not to respond to customers through Resolver, which might go some way to explaining the fury on that website.

Asda have hit back, saying they welcome complaints from customers, though they prefer they do it by contacting them directly on the 0844 381 6321 contact number for Asda, rather than through any third party websites. James Walker, CEO of Resolver said “We’ve reached out to Asda on several occasions to explain that issues raised via the Resolver system come direct from the user, but they continue to tell customers they will not interact with a third party – which we are not.”

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

Asda Back Out of Black Friday

A year after Asda’s Black Friday deals led to stampedes in stores and people getting seriously injured, the company have announced that they’re scaling back their efforts on the big day. Alongside them are John Lewis and Argos, who have both suggested that whilst it does drive a lot of traffic on a single day, consumers aren’t more likely to spend more over the season, instead just doing it on one day.

Asda’s statement suggests that customers find the 1 day sale format uncompromising and that customers don’t like being “held hostage” by the sales. Andy Clarke, Asda CEO said “This year customers have told us loud and clear that they don’t want to be held hostage to a day or two of sales”

Black Friday was introduced to the UK five years ago by Amazon, who transplanted the traditionally American holiday to the British Isles. Since then, it’s grown to become an annual shopping event on the 27th of November, though many consumers resent being forced into shopping on just one day.

Source: Independent

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