Joining EE from Orange – a Guide

moving to EE from Orange
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For lots of us, we simply don’t need to change our contract every single year. If the number of minutes we use and the amount of data and texts we get through remain much the same, why bother? Maybe you even got a fantastic deal in the past that you didn’t want to let go of?

Whatever the reason, lots of us hang on to our old contracts for multiple years before changing over to a new deal. For Orange customers it’s a little more unusual, because along with T-Mobile the company was shut down in order to become EE. Since the merger in 2015, EE have retired the Orange and T-Mobile brands, but allowed customers on old Orange contracts to remain active.

Now lots of customers are looking to update their deal and move on to EE, but how do you move from Orange to EE pay monthly? Follow this guide.

Moving from Orange pay monthly to EE pay monthly

If you’re moving from an Orange contract onto an EE contract, you can move right away by upgrading online or by using the contact Orange number. Their customer service team can seamlessly move you from one contract to another.

If you’ve got 30 days or fewer left on your Orange contract, you can upgrade to an EE contract for free. If, however, you have longer than 30 days left on your contract you may have to pay an upgrade fee. EE are discounting these for Orange customers in an effort to encourage older customers to move to the new brand. Text UP to 150 to find out whether you’re eligible.

Alternatively, you can join via your existing Orange account. If you log in to My EE and then place your order, EE will take care of everything from there, including cancelling your current contract and activating your new EE one.

Can you keep your old Orange number?

Yes, you can. Old Orange numbers can be easily ported to your new contract, so that none of your contacts lose you when you move contract. When you sign up for your new contract, ask the assistant¬†to move your number. Because you’re going from Orange to EE there’s no need for a PAC code, and once your new contract is activated, your old Orange number will associated with the EE SIM within half an hour.

Will my direct debit automatically change when I move to EE?

For security reasons, when you upgrade from Orange, your direct debit information will have to change. That means picking a new date for your direct debit to go out on, and resigning direct debit forms.

You can use the same account for payment, however, and all you need to do is fill out a short form to register your bank account with your new EE account.

Will my voicemail stay the same?

Because you’re moving to a new network, you’ll need to record a new voicemail greeting too. At least you’ll get another shot at that hilarious voicemail message!

How can I track my new phone?

Your new phone will be sent out via DPD. Once you receive your consignment number from EE, head over to the DPD website and put it into their tracking box. From there, you’ll be able to see the status of your package and when its estimated delivery date is. If you pre-ordered your phone or ordered an out-of-stock device, DPD will message you every 72 hours to update your order status.

Can I keep my old phone and still move to EE?

You certainly can, though this slightly more complicated than moving to a pay-monthly contract. Speak to EE customer services to find out how to move to a SIM only plan.

Alternatively, you could sign up for a pay-monthly contract and simply sell the phone you receive as part of the contract. The choice is yours. Do keep in mind however that all EE contracts now include 4G support, so holding on to an older, non 4G phone could mean you’re missing out on fantastic high speed mobile internet.

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