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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Call eBay customer service today on 0844 800 3119 Monday to Friday for phone support regarding billing, buying, selling plus much more. Before you call eBay, we recommend that you have any dates, item numbers, user IDs or other relevant information written down to help eBay resolve your enquiry.

eBay contact phone number 0844 800 3119

Due to the vast number of items that are bought and sold on eBay every day, there are a lot of phone calls made to eBay customer services. This might come as a surprise, given that eBay has built an excellent buyer-seller communication platform; most queries do not require the input of eBay themselves. Nether-the-less, eBay has a crack team of customer service advisor’s who are at hand to resolve all your enquiries.

eBay Contact Numbers

eBay UK Customer Services 0844 800 3119
General Enquiries 0844 381 5177

It is this team you will speak to when you call our eBay contact number.

Everyone knows that eBay is THE place to buy and sell your unwanted goods. There are very few restrictions on what can be bought and sold on the world’s market place. From air filters for cars to wedding bands and socks, eBay has it all. Tens of millions of people use eBay to buy and sell their goods every year, so as you would expect, eBay handles a huge range of customer enquiries every single day. If you have an enquiry, and it cannot be resolved with your seller or buyer, then you should call eBay.

Calling eBay is easy via the eBay customer phone number that we list here: 0844 800 3119.

eBay customer service number 0844 800 3119

You can call eBay customer service for information and help about the following:

– Resolving buying problems
– Resolving selling problems
– Becoming an informed buyer
– Registration queries
– Feedback queries
– Packaging and posting issues
– Using seller tools
– Plus much more.

eBay does not list a customer service phone number on its website, even though eBay members complain about the difficulty of contacting eBay by phone. Instead, customers can call our eBay telephone number with the most utmost confidence; all charges are consistent and clearly detailed here.

For more information on all of the products listed on eBay you can visit their website. On their website you will also find additional ways to contact eBay customer services, including a variety of phone numbers. Alternatively, you can contact eBay using the information we’ve included below.

Who are eBay, and where did they come from?

eBay are one of the biggest ecommerce companies in the world, with a presence in almost every country in the world. Every moment of every day, they’re connecting buyers with sellers and brands with customers. However, eBay wasn’t always the juggernaut that it is today – no, at one time, it was little more than a way for a man to sell his broken laser pointer.

Originally launched as AuctionWeb, eBay was created in the mind of French born Iranian-American computer programmer called Pierre Omidyar. It was 1995, and he had in mind the notion of a perfect marketplace, where one could promote their products, easily search and find the true value of any item.

Launched originally as a small section of his own personal website, the very first item was a broken laser pointer, which sold for $14.83. Surprised that somebody actually bid on something, Pierre reached out to the winner of the auction to ask if he understood the pointer was broken. The reply? “I am a collector of broken laser pointers”.

Still a hobby, Pierre received a letter from his ISP informing him that traffic to his website and AuctionWeb was so great he’d have to upgrade to a more expensive hosting package. The increase in overheads meant that AuctionWeb had to start charging a fee for listing items.

By 1996, it was growing fast and appointed Jeffrey Skoll as its first president and signed a licensing deal to sell airplane tickets and other travel products. Needless to say, growth was astonishing. By January 1997, the site hosted 2 million auctions, compared to the 250,000 that were hosted during the entirety of 1996.

The company promptly moved to a new domain, ebay.com, and landed $6.7 million in funding from Benchmark Capital. Going public on the 21st of September, 1998, the business instantly became one of the hot stock market properties and made both Omidyar and Skoll billionaires within just a few seconds of launch. Its share price rose from the target of $18 to $53.50 within the first day of trading.

Where are eBay’s call centres located?

eBay have call centres all over the world, but if you’re looking to call the eBay contact number from the UK, you’ll likely be put in touch with the call centre in Manilla in the Philippines. However, you may well be put in touch with a call centre from another region, based on overflow demand.

eBay contact information

Website: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/account/contact-customer-support.html

Address HQ:

eBay International,
AG Helvetiastrasse,
15/17 CH-3005,

Address customer service:

eBay Customer Service,
P.O. Box 9473,
Dublin 15,

Social media:

Twitter, Facebook.

Using eBay’s website for customer service and support

For all of the millions of categories of products that eBay offer, there are as many questions. This means the eBay customer service team find themselves very busy most of the time and therefore try to encourage customers to use alternative forms of contact. Visiting the eBay website will allow you to find all of these different forms of communication which most often revolve around written forms of correspondence with the eBay customer service team. You can enter into a livechat scenario with the team or you can email them, should this be your preferred form of communication and you can reach eBay customer services whenever it is most convenient for you.

Remember that sometimes nothing will answer your enquiry like talking to someone directly and that is when the eBay customer service contact number that is listed on this website comes in handy – it is a direct line straight through to the customer services department at eBay.

What is the best way to contact eBay?

The best way to contact eBay is either by phone or email. Both forms of communication have good results.

Not the contact number you are looking for? Try these:

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eBay UK Customer Services 0844 800 3119
General Enquiries 0844 381 5177

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