DHL Customer Service Contact Number 0844 248 0844

DHL contact phone number
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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Call customer services on DHL 0844 248 0844. Their dedicated team is there to answer your order related queries, or help you choose the right service for your package.

When we have a package on the way, we want the reassurance of knowing when it will be delivered. Whilst it is possible to track your parcel online, many people prefer to speak to a customer services representative in person, rather that leave things to chance. If you have a precious parcel to send, DHL customer services can help you make the right decision about which service to use. Ring them on 0844 248 0844 to get through to a member of staff in the shortest time possible. They are waiting for your call.

DHL Contact Number 0844 248 0844

DHL is a huge multinational company and one of the world’s most famous courier services, transporting letters and packages all over the world with great efficiency. It is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. The company was originally founded in 1969, simply in order to deliver post between San Francisco and Honolulu.

The company has since expanded to include every country in the world on its service routes, with its own fleet of 96 aeroplanes and a huge fleet of ground vehicles. They have made moves to mitigate their environmental impact in recent years, by switching to alternative fuel sources and investing in green projects around the world.

DHL Contact Information

If you would prefer to address your complaint or comment to the company by post, you can write to them at their registered address:

Orbital Park,
178-188 Great South West Road,
Hounslow Middlesex,
TW4 6JS.

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DHL Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most commonly asked questions from customers calling DHL on 0844 248 0844 are:

Are there any items that I am unable to send via DHL services?

Yes, there are some restrictions on what you may and may not send. You may not send a live creature, or items such as weapons or explosives. You may not send jewellery, fine art or antiques with an individual value greater then £5,000. You may not send cash, travellers’ cheques or bullion. It is prohibited to send biological samples, or human remains such as ashes. You must not send dangerous goods such as aftershave, aerosols, large quantities of lithium batteries and dry ice, due to the risk of fire. Other illegal items include ivory, furs, narcotics, pornography, tobacco, e-cigarettes and counterfeit goods.

I want to send a gift, but I don’t want the recipient to have to pay taxes and duty. Can I pay it? And why are the taxes not included in DHL’s prices?

The reason taxes and duty cannot be paid by DHL is that each Customs authority in each country make the decision about whether to make a charge and how much it will be. This is based on the information they are given on the label you fix to the parcel, and the paperwork from the Customs department – usually relating to the size, weight and value of the contents. These extra costs only apply to good travelling outside the EU, but not all goods are subject to taxes. Documents, for example, are not subject to duties and taxes. At present there is no mechanism for DHL to pay the taxes on individual items, or to pass those costs on to the sender.

DHL Phone Number 0844 248 0844

Sometimes it is simply not possible to find the answer to your query online, on a company website, or in the FAQ section of a customer service page. It can be time consuming and frustrating to look and still come away without your questions answered. Most people with queries about a shipment or about item that has not been delivered, prefer to speak to someone at a courier company in person. This is where our number comes in. Ring the DHL phone number0844 248 0844 to take the uncertainty and wait time out of your customer services call.

DHL Customer Services Phone Number 0844 248 0844

This customer service number is one of the quickest connecting numbers you will find online. A company the size of DHL is sometimes very difficult to communicate with, because of the number of departments they have, and the huge volume of parcels they process every day. It is easy to feel lost in the maze when you call, getting left on hold or being passed around to different departments. Ring our number to avoid being overlooked – you will be put through to a customer services representative in double quick time, taking the stress out of the process. You can use this telephone number for parcel enquiries or to order a new service.

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