what to avoid paypal scam


Where there’s money, there will be people looking to take advantage and steal it. It’s a sad fact, but it remains a fact nonetheless, and when it comes to online payments, there’s none bigger than PayPal.

Here in the UK there are millions of PayPal customers, each with bank accounts linked to their PayPal accounts and many with money sat in their account. Understandably, that can make them quite the target for scammers and hackers, who can use that information to buy goods online, send money or commit other types of financial fraud.

sky offers and upgrades

Update: Since late 2016, Sky have moved to make Sky Q the standard system for all new and upgrading Sky customers, completely replacing the Sky+ HD box. They’ve also moved to simplify their pricing structures for those who call Sky, thanks to a great deal of public feedback.

Update: The Now TV Smart Box is now available to all new and existing Now TV customers at a cost of £30. However, if you choose to take an internet and TV bundle from Now TV, you receive the Smart Box at no extra charge. To upgrade, simply call the Sky customer service number and ask them about the Now TV Smart Box.

sky q uk price

Update: Since the announcement of Sky Q, Sky have made a number of important tweaks to the pricing structure of Sky Q. Most notably, Sky have made Sky Q their standard option for all new and upgrading customers. Today, you can land a Sky Q box with the Original bundle for just £22 a month, the Variety bundle & Sky Q costs £32 a month and the Box Sets bundle costs just &38 a month. With each of these bundles, the cost of the box is included, and you can add Sky Fibre broadband for another £20 a month. To upgrade or sign up, call the Sky helpline.

sky q reviews

Update: Since this post was originally published, Sky have made Sky Q the default box powering their TV service for all new customers, or customers upgrading. That’s fantastic news for new customers on Sky contact, who no longer have to pay extra for Sky Q. Sky have also flipped the switch on 4K broadcasts since this review roundup was first published, so customers with 4K TVs can watch live sport and drama in Ultra-HD at no extra charge, if they’ve already got a HD subscription.

sky q reviews

Update: Since the launch of Sky Q, the company have been inundated with calls to the Sky customer service number from existing customers looking to upgrade to Sky Q. As a result, Sky have moved to make Sky Q standard for all new customers, as well as slashing the cost of upgrading for customers on Sky+. They’ve also launched their 4K service with lots of on-demand content and hundreds of Sky Sports Premier League matches broadcast in the high resolution format. What follows is the original Sky Q launch article, originally published in February, 2016:

december 2016

Virgin are a massive company. With fingers in everything from home broadband to healthcare and beyond, there’s no shortage of areas in life where you’ll find the Virgin brand. Because of that scale, it can be hard to keep on top of all the Virgin news out there, although it’s fair to say that Virgin don’t do the best job at collating that information into one place.

december 2016

Let’s be honest, for all the good things about Vodafone, their communication skills aren’t up there with the best. It’s not because of a lack of news stories out there, it’s simply because the official channels that Vodafone use just aren’t kept as up to date as they could be.

So, we decided to pick up their slack and round up all of the Vodafone news stories that have hit the wires over the last 30 days. From terrible customer service scores to the potential for drone traffic management, it’s been an interesting December for Vodafone. Let’s dig in.

email paypal contact FAQ

‘Tis the season for buying massive amounts of things online, and for many of us that means using PayPal an awful lot. Whether you’re new to the payment platform or an experienced veteran, there are always questions to be asked.

Perhaps you’re trying to send money, or maybe you’ve requested a refund but don’t know how long it takes? Whatever you question is, there’s a guide out there to help you. Unfortunately, to date no one page has pulled together all the frequently asked PayPal questions into one place.

HBO’s Game of Thrones, shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic, is currently the most watched TV show airing on the channel. Raking in over a million viewers for the Season 5 finale, Season 6 started off with a bang on April 29 with 60,000 hardcore Game of Thrones fans tuning in to watch the broadcast at 2AM in the morning. Altogether, a total of 1.4 million Sky subscribers either watched live, recorded or viewed the 2AM broadcast on Catch Up TV at some point during the day it premiered.

2016 award winners


Sky News have scooped up five awards at the Royal Television Society’s annual journalism awards last night in London, including Television Journalist of the year, Daily News Programme, International Coverage, News Channel and, most impressively of all, the prestigious Judge’s Award.

sky q issue contact


There are a number of compelling reasons to sign up for Sky Q. There’s the promise of 4K support later in the year, up to five tuners for recording four channels whilst watching a fifth, the cool new remote, access to streaming TV services and many, many more. Perhaps the biggest selling point though is their so-called Fluid Viewing technology. It allows users to pause their content on one screen and continue viewing it wherever they are, either on a tablet or on other TV in their home. It’s that ‘TV anywhere’ promise which has been drawing early sales, and it’s exactly the feature that Sky have been promoting on their big new advertising campaign.

cast announced


The best way to sum up the last couple of years of Sky would be ‘content, content, content’. The company have been funnelling huge amounts of money into making some of the best programming on British TV. To date, that’s seen original programming like Fortitude flourish, huge name overseas programmes like Game of Thrones and Girls arrive, as well as classic programmes from other channels like Don’t Tell the Bride and Mid-Morning Matters. Now, the company are making a couple more announcements, one regarding casting and another regarding a shock new acquisition.

sky q advertising campaign


It wouldn’t be a big technology launch without an even bigger advertising campaign to match, so Sky are revving their engines in preparation for one of the biggest ever. Indeed, their new campaign is the biggest and most ambitious of all of Sky’s 27 year history, and it begins with a gorgeous new advert introducing the concept of ‘Fluid Viewing’.

cast list announced


2015 was always going to be a year of transformation for Sky. The company was about to enjoy its first full year as owner of Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia, and has openly talked about moving to a more content led approach. Over £600 million had been put aside to develop world class TV programming to draw customers in and to sell around the world. One of the first programmes out of the blocks, and perhaps the most highly publicised was Fortitude. It launched on the 29th of January, 2015 and soon generated exactly the kind of buzz Sky were looking for. Dark, uncompromising and with a stellar script, it came as little surprise that Fortitude would be getting a second series.

talktalk results hack


Last October, when news of the latest TalkTalk data breach hit the newswire, there was little doubt that it would do tremendous damage to the company, both in the long and short term. The extent of that damage, however, was a matter for speculation. How many customers would abandon the service, how many would take up their offer of a free upgrade, and what does the hack mean for the future of the company? Now, we’ve got some, if not all, of the answers.

british airways flights to prague


There’s nothing like getting out of the rat race for a few days to recharge your batteries, see the world and remind yourself of all the beauty out there. With ever cheaper air travel and the rapid expansion of flights to lesser known locations, there are now countless locations you can pick for a city break. In an effort to help you decide where you want to fly to, we’ve compiled some of the best city locations that British Airways are getting off to this year. So, without further to do, let’s dive in.

virgin media comparison


After years of stagnation in the British pay TV industry, things are finally starting to heat up again. Ever since the launch of Sky+ and Virgin TiVo things have remained pretty much the same. Oh, we’ve added things like HD, 3D and catch-up programming, but the general experience has remained much the same. Now, as we get into 2016, there’s are some compelling new options on the market. Namely, Sky Q and BT TV. So, how do they stack up against Virgin Media in key areas? Let’s take a look.

how to contact orange


Few brands have caught the public’s imagination like Orange. It arrived at a time when mobile phone networks were things called Mercury One2One and Vodafone Airtouch and in its wake, completely changed the face of branding in the UK forever. Along the way, it also racked up plenty of subscribers, quickly becoming one of the UK’s very biggest mobile networks. In 2016 though, the Orange brand is no more, so what happened to the company? Let’s find out.

bt ee deal completed


The day has finally arrived. After announcing their intentions to purchase the UK’s biggest mobile operator EE way back in February of 2015, BT then had to jump through all the regulatory hoops that keep our telecoms industry in balance. That process took almost a year, with regulators investigating what a potential BT/EE merger would do the telecommunications industry.