FAQ’s And Troubleshooting Tips

List of troubleshooting tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you troubleshoot issues of your devices.

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Being a Sky customer means a lot of things. It means getting the best TV, superfast broadband and reliable home telephone services. It also means things like access to the latest and greatest TV tech like Sky Q and innovative home broadband solutions like Sky Broadband Shield.

When everything’s working as it should, Sky makes any home a better place to be, but what about when it isn’t? What can you do to get your issues resolved without resorting to the Sky contact number at 0844 800 3115? Well, you could make use of the Sky Diagnostic page.

How to Fix Error Messages on BT Sport Online Player?


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2b50For more information: Just call BT Customer Service

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Sky+ app enables its users to use their Android tablet or mobile to set their Sky+ box to record a particular show or series that would be telecast over the next seven days, browse through their favorite channels, shows and seek out recommendations. You can also use your android device as a remote control and browse your Planner for your Sky+ HD box.

How to use SKY+ App on your Android Mobile or Tablet Device?

How to Fix your SKY Broadband Problem?

Fixing your Sky Broadband problem, in case if the connection has slowed down or stopped working or has an irregular connectivity, is not as technical or tedious as it may seem.

We will focus on step – by – step procedure to help you fix the problem in not more than fifteen minutes.