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Few can deny that the UK’s rural areas could benefit from improved broadband services. Indeed, if you happen to live in the country or have been to visit somebody who does, you’ll likely have been shocked by the speeds on offer.

It’s an issue that the government know all too well, which is why they’ve made plans to improve broadband for rural areas. However, that is now under threat as TalkTalk branded it “legally questionable”, over plans to allow BT to recover the costs of the upgrades through higher wholesale charges – something which would affect companies like TalkTalk.

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Email phishing scams are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for as long as email has, attempting to convince people to hand over their details before scamming them further. However, a new breed of phishing scam has hit Vodafone customers, who are now being warned about one of the most realistic scams yet.

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Update: Since the launch of Sky VR, Sky have been regularly updating the app with VR content, but there’s one aspect which remains disappointing – No Google Daydream support. That’s been an annoyance for some customers in the reviews and on the Sky tel number, but if you’ve got a Google Cardboard device, it still represents a top VR option on smartphones.

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Vodafone are, in 2017, one of the biggest mobile networks not just in the UK, but in the world. With a turnover north of £40 billion in 2016, they’re a global telecommunications giant with a reach which extends into more sectors than you might imagine.

As a customer in the UK though, what should you know about Vodafone? In this guide, we’re going to break down the essentials about the company, from their founding right up to their current offerings for potential customers like you. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Today, Virgin Media are without a doubt one of the biggest media and telecommunications companies in the UK. Offering the fastest broadband available in the UK for general consumers, a reliable mobile network, home phone and a TV service which stands right alongside Sky as amongst the best available, they’re in a remarkable marketing position.

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TalkTalk are still in the process of repairing their brand after a major hack in 2015 meant that around 157,000 customers were in danger of having their personal details stolen. Poorly handled and originally covered up, that hack led to a spate of customers leaving the company and an expensive compensation package being offered to customers by way of an apology.

In the year since, TalkTalk have revamped their brand, simplifying their advertising and pricing policy and vowing that nothing like that hack would happen again.

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It’s a sad fact of our everyday lives that when we call the customer service department of a company, we prepare ourselves for the worst. Decades of shoddy, inattentive customer service experiences and countless hours wasted on the line trying to get your questions have taught up to expect the worst.

However, it’s not true that every company offers bad customer service. In fact, despite the fact that 74% of Brits think that the standard of customer service is ‘poor’, there are companies posting incredible satisfaction rates from their customers.

talktalk rural broadband

There was once a time when TalkTalk were, forgive the pun, the talk of the town. Launched by Carphone Warehouse with a promise of cheaper phone calls and broadband than then-leading BT, the company caused quite a stir. The year was 2002 and over the next 13 years, the company would steadily increase their customer base to become one of the UK’s bigger broadband suppliers.

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Running a business is one of the most difficult things you can do in your professional career. Whether it’s a pub or an office building, operating a business requires a lot of spinning plates. Whether that’s sourcing TV, broadband or setting up a phone line, you need a little help to get things going.

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In 2016, it’s hard to imagine a home without a broadband connection. Over the last decade, almost everything we do in our homes has been touched by the Internet. Our calls now happen through Skype or Facebook, our TV seamlessly blends live programming with streaming services and or ovens can now be set via an application.

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Between Sky’s home broadband, phone and TV offerings, they’ve got a presence in every room of our home. That means that when something goes wrong, it can bring our lives to something of a halt. After all, how many of us can work without the Internet, can socialise without a working phone or relax in the evening without TV?

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Being a Sky customer means a lot of things; it means getting access to the best TV, the newest technology in Sky Q and the widest range of films in the UK. Put simply, it’s the place to be if you care about home entertainment, but with many products on offer from Sky +, Sky Q, broadband, home phone and more, you might well be looking to upgrade your package or see whether you might well be eligible for a special offer from Sky.