What To Do When You Have A Dial Tone But Cannot Make Calls?

What To Do When You Have A Dial Tone But Cannot Make Calls?

So are you feeling frustrated due to any of the problems given below, if yes, than you are at right place and bound to get appropriate solution to your phone problems:

unnamed Common Phone Issues:

Troubleshooting phone problems
Receive incoming calls but can’t call out
I get a dial tone but can’t make or receive calls
Place outbound calls but not receive them
Have a dial tone but cannot make call
Can’t make any outgoing calls
I have a dial tone but i cannot call anyone
Have dial tone can’t call
Troubleshooting home phone

There are number of factors which can cause numerous problems to your phone line, which just might not be, only due to a fault on the telephone network.

Now there are number of checks which you can perform by yourself to solve all the related problems, which in turn will save your time as well as money, ease out your frustration or any needless visit by an engineer.

unnamed Just check for the following factors:

  • Check if you are dialing the correct number:

unnamed Just check online that whether the number you are dialing is correct or not. Or you can also call BT Directory Enquiries on 118 500.

  • Is the Call Baring option active on your line?

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Opting for certain call barring codes might restrict the types of calls you wish to make. Just ensure to check all the call barring codes which you might have availed.

  • In case you make phone calls with any other service provider:

unnamed Prefix the digits 1280 with the number you are dialing. All the calls using 1280 would be charged at normal BT call rates. If any of your call connects, then the problem lies with your service provider and not with the BT’s network. You’ll need to contact them to report the problem.

  • Is your outstanding BT telephone bill cleared?

unnamed Do make sure to pay any outstanding phone bills as soon as possible and then call 0800 800 150 for reconnection. If you are using any other telephone service then you need to contact them.

  • Just check if the problem is with only one device or with all of your phone devices:

unnamed Now if the problem lies with only one phone then that particular device itself is likely to be defective. So, it’s unlikely that there is any fault with your entire phone line.

unnamed If you have rented your phone from BT, then you must contact BT and they will arrange for a new phone device, which would be delivered to you. And you can even purchase phones online at BT Business Direct.

  • Do test your phone device?

 Now Test Your Phone Device:

unnamed Just unplug and remove all phones and other equipments from each of the telephone sockets such as PCs, faxes, modems, extension leads, satellite TV Digi boxes and each type of adapters and make sure that nothing is left plugged in. And if you have installed broadband service, then do unplug and remove all the micro-filters or ADSL modem or any of the router from the sockets which might affect your connection.

unnamed Just insert any corded phone into your main phone socket (which is usually the point where the phone line enters the premises). Then check for the fault by using that working phone.

unnamed If you are able to make calls at the main socket, it means the phone line as well as the extension wiring are OK. And most likely the fault lies with one of the pieces of your equipment.

unnamed Do make test calls, one at a time with each piece of equipment. Now if any one of the equipment piece is giving you the dial-out problem, just unplug that equipment piece and keep it separate.

unnamed Do check and refer the product manual of the equipment or call the supplier.

  • Now if the fault still persists with the main socket, then it’s high time to test the extension wiring.

unnamed Just carefully unscrew and remove the small 2 screws and just slide out the bottom half of the faceplate. You’ll find the test socket on the right hand side which connects directly to the telephone line.

unnamed Just plug the corded phone with the test socket. Now make some test calls and check whether the line is ringing or not or either ringing once and then stopping.

Now if you are able to dial out with the test socket, then possibly your internal wiring is defective. Now you can either repair the wiring by yourself or call your telephone service provider. In the later case, you might have to shell out repair charges unless there is any warranty covering your internal wiring.

And if you can’t dial out with the test socket, then possibly there is a defect with the phone line and you should to report this to your telephone service provider (BT customer care if you’re using BT telephone service).

You can even refer to the BT Repair Centre page at the official BT website where you will know how to identify or report or fix as well as track your entire connection faults, online.

unnamed For further information just visit the official BT website or Contact @BT Customer Service Contact Number

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