Slow BT Wireless? How To Increase Speed Of Wireless Connection ?

Slow BT Wireless? How To Increase Speed Of Wireless Connection ?

The most common possibility which is causing your BT wireless connection to run slow is that something has been altered in your premises.

Now the following steps are a few remedies you can opt for which in turn might boost up your already weak wireless connection:

unnamed Avoid using wireless:

  • If your Hub is quite nearer to your computer, then you should connect it with an Ethernet cable instead of any wireless.
    You will always get a better speed with an Ethernet cable also called Patch cables, which you can easily purchase from BT Business Direct or from any usual supplier.

 unnamed Where do you keep your Hub?

  • You have to be very careful about  your hub positioning :
  • Never place your Hub Under a desk or in a cupboard or hidden behind any metal objects. You must place it at some place where it is easily accessible and visible such as out on a shelf or a table or on any other visible surface.
  • Place your computer and hub at least 18 to 20 feet away from any big electrical equipment which you are probably using at your premises.
  • Just minimize all the barriers such as any ceilings or walls, coming between your computer and the hub.
  • Place your hub away from metal surfaces as well as structure supports.
  • And if you have a desktop computer, along with an external dongle or wireless card, just ensure that the height of your dongle or the wireless card is above your desk. You might have to use a USB cable to achieve this.

 unnamed Alter the wireless channel:

  • One more possibility could be the more wireless interference or disturbance in your locality. Your neighbor might be using the same channel which you are using. You need to find the real cause so that just by altering the wireless channel which is used by your hub, your connection speed can be improvised.

Altering your channel is straightforward. Just follow the below mentioned easy to follow steps:

Before going for any manual channel change first opt for a Wireless Channel refresh. It will ensure, your hub selects the best available channel and the Smart Wireless feature will automatically continue to monitor all the channels and maintain a better connection speed. But if you decide to opt for the manual selection, the Smart Wireless feature will automatically be turned off.

unnamed Simple steps to manually alter your BT wireless channel:

  1. Just browse for http://btbusinesshub.home to search for the Hub Manager.
  2. You might be prompted to change your password, if it is the first time you are visiting the Hub Manager.
  3. Select Settings and type your new password if you wish to change it.
  4. Select the Wireless tab.
  5. Search for the Channel Selection option and from the drop down menu just choose a new channel. Go for channels 1, 6 or 11.
  6. Select apply to confirm the alteration and just wait for about 60 seconds for your system to automatically search for the new settings.

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 unnamed Opt for wireless adapter change:

  • Your BT Business Hub 3 utilizes the latest ‘wireless-n’ technology which provides a very fast and secure connection. Now if the wireless adapter isn’t compatible with the ‘wireless-n’ technology, then you might not get the requisite speed which you would expect from the hub.You can avail this service easily by purchasing a new wireless adapter but just ensure that the new adapter is a ‘wireless-n’ adapter.

After trying all these steps, you are still facing the similar slower speed problem, just log on to the BT Repair Centre page where you will be properly guided about how to identify or report or fix as well as track your entire connection faults, online.

For further information just visit the official BT website or Call BT Broadband Phone Number 0844 800 3114.



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