How To Fix Your BT Broadband Connection Problems?

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So your BT broadband connectivity is lost and you are not able to access any of the websites at all. You just curse the service provider and start asking around for their customer contact number.

There are a few things we advise you to check before dialing the customer care number.

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Just navigate and work through each of these following steps to fix your bt broadband connection-problem , so that in case if the broadband connection is re established, you can note down the particular step you reached. Thus, again if the connection fails next time, you can opt for the next step:

  • unnamed Check for any major faults in your area:

Try to connect to the internet with any other device such as Smartphone and then check the home websites service status page to find in case if there is any problem where you live. If you are unable to access the internet with your device, just dial the toll free customer service number 0800 169 0199 to know the exact status.

  • unnamedTurn the router Off and again Turn On:

    Now this step might not sound very technical, still just turning the router off and again on is quite often enough to fix your connection problem. And if you are required to do this repeatedly, to fix your connection, then you might need a new router.

  • unnamedCheck your Hub for proper plugging and any loose cables:

    It’s always significant to ensure that the power cable is properly plugged into the Hub firmly and if it is the fiber optic broadband, then the Open reach modem should be turned On. Also check whether all the Ethernet cables are firmly connected or not.

  • unnamedCheck extension sockets:

Extension sockets or leads might not be very suitable for your broadband. Just ensure your router is properly connected directly to the master socket without any extensions cables. You can also try any of the test sockets with your master socket at this point.

  • unnamedCheck the micro-filters:

    When plugging any item such as router, phone, modem, alarm, fax, TV etc. into a socket on your broadband line, you should always plug it first into any micro-filter just before plugging it into the main line socket.

    Faulty connections are often caused by a defective micro-filter so it’s necessary to check each filter which you’ve got on your connection line. Just disconnect each piece of your equipment which you got connected with your line. Again reassemble each item at a time. Every time you reconnect anything, simultaneously check your broadband connection status.

  • unnamedRestart the system:

    This is one more option to fix your problem. And if you have already opted for this and your computer system is losing the connection persistently, then the root cause of the problem might lie somewhere else.


  • unnamedTry to unburden your line:

    If there is only one ADSL micro-filter along with your router which is connected into the test socket and you wish to keep a phone attached to the line, then go for a corded phone as these never cause connection droppings.

  • unnamedOpt for another router:

    If you have another router just replace it with the old one as this is really worth trying. And if you don’t have it, then just opt for the next step.

  • unnamedOpt for Ethernet connection than wireless:

    All wireless connections are just equivalent to any mobile signal. Although stable these signals are always susceptible to interference. So just opt for the Ethernet connection if you can and check your connectivity status.

  • unnamedUtilize the BT diagnostics online:

    If you are able to access the internet with any other device such as your Smartphone then do visit the BT Repair Centre page which will enable you to identify, report, fix and track all your connection faults online.

Quite effective and simple to use: It will effectively advise you through a series of steps to guide you on how to fix various connection problems and if the fault is not fixed there, a service engineer will be arranged to visit you.

These were the various steps to check and fix your BT broadband connection problems. For further information just visit the official BT website or Call BT Broadband Contact Number.


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