How To Fix Slow BT Broadband Speed?

Tips – Increase BT Broadband Speed To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

How To Increase Slow Bt Broadband Speed?

Just like while driving on a motorway, the traffic slows down during peak period; your broadband speed also fluctuates many times throughout the day.

And if you are experiencing slow internet speeds continuously, then there may be three broad possibilities:

  • There might be a major fault in your area.

  • Something has changed at your premises.

  • There might a fault with your connection somewhere.

Look the following checkpoints:

Slow Broadband_ Optimise your Setup

  1. Just find out any major fault in your locality. Also check the BT service status page to find if there’s any major problem where you live.
  1. Opt for the Speed tester. You might consider your connection to be very slow but it might be the fastest connection which you are currently getting.

The best way to test your BT internet speed is to visit the below mentioned address and just follow all the instructions carefully:

  1. Perfect tips for getting the top speed from your broadband:Following is a list of things to try out for:

    3.1 Proper router placement:

  • Place your router away from any electrical interference sources:

Electrical interferences can adversely affect your router’s performance if you place it too close. So always ensure to place it at least five feet away from TVs, dimmer switches, monitors, PC speakers or any other electricity source.

  • Put your router away from any radio interference sources:Wireless broadband speeds up best when there is clear space between your computer and the router which means no thick walls, radiators, ceilings or anything else which could cause any signal interference.

3.2 Proper computer maintenance:

  • Clean up your system in routine:Now if your system is clogged up with useless temporary files, it can adversely affect the broadband speed as well as the speed of your computer, so what you need to do is just visit your System Tools and execute Disc Clean Up and Disk Fragmenter or de-fragmenter.
  • Cache cleanup:Just clean up your internet cache or cookies which also slows down the internet speed.

3.3 Check for the minimum required specifications:

  • Use the latest router:To get the best possible speed from your broadband, you are advised to use the router with ‘wireless-N’ technology. The BT Business Hub uses this technology.
  • Use the latest computer system:Now if your computer is more than five years old, it’s high time to invest in a new one as probably you will find its speed quite slower as compared to a modern system.
  • Reduce the number of online users:Just find out how many people are actually trying to gain access and use your broadband connection. The slower speed might result because of you allowing too many users, all the access to your wireless signal.

3.4 Properly check your set-up:

  • Prefer an Ethernet cable instead of any wireless connection:To get a faster and better speed, just connect your computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Just ensure that micro-filter is plugged on all equipments:Before plugging any item such as router, phone, modem, alarm, fax or TV into a socket on your broadband line, just make sure you properly plug it into a micro-filter before plugging it into the line socket.
  • Instead of using any extension, just plug your router directly into the main telephone socket and just ensure to use a micro-filter.
  • Test any other computer system on the same connection and if the other system is able to access faster connection, then the problem lies with your computer system.
  1. You have tried everything that but it’s still slow. Now what to do?

    Just log on to our Repair Centre where you will find ways on how to be able to identify, report, fix or track your fault, online. It’s quite effective and easy to use. You’ll be taken through a series of steps and if the fault is not fixed right there then an engineer would be arranged by the company to visit your place.

For further information just visit the official BT website or Call BT Broadband .

NOW AVAILAIBLE :pu_new(Free/Xclusive)Call Now : BT Customer Services

On average the overall broadband connection speed for all UK ISPs has risen slightly from 4.2 Mbps in July to 4.3 Mbps in August.

Top 10 ISPs for Download Speed

1. Virgin Media – 7.243Mbps
2. O2 ( Be Broadband ) – 5.665Mbps
3. Sky Broadband – 3.400Mbps
4. TalkTalk – 3.360Mbps
5. BT – 2.963Mbps
6. Tiscali – 2.928Mbps
7. PlusNet – 2.869Mbps
8. Eclipse Internet – 2.681Mbps
9. Orange – 2.676Mbps
10. AOL – 2.258Mbps

Top 10 ISPs for Upload Speed

1. O2 ( Be Broadband ) – 0.754Mbps
2. Virgin Media – 0.489Mbps
3. TalkTalk – 0.460Mbps
4. Sky Broadband – 0.407Mbps
5. Eclipse Internet – 0.401Mbps
6. Orange – 0.381Mbps
7. PlusNet – 0.357Mbps
8. BT – 0.348Mbps
9. Tiscali – 0.341Mbps
10. AOL – 0.318Mbps

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