How to Fix Error Messages on BT Sport Online Player?

How to Fix Error Messages on BT Sport Online Player?

Sports live streams can be easily accessed by just clicking the ‘Watch BT Sport’ option on the BT website’s top-right corner. Just select your favorite channel by clicking BT Sport 1 or BT Sport 2 or ESPN under the main navigation bar or using the electronic programme guide.

If you’re facing problems with your BT Sport Online Player, just click on the ‘TV’ tab > service status page to check whether there are any problems affecting your BT Sport service.

Seek out the following error code meanings and procedures to fix BT Error Messages .

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unnamedError Message – VC019

Error Message - VC019

If there is a VC019 error code on your online player together with a four-digit number such as 6003, 6025, 6030, it means Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is not working with your PC. There may be number of reasons such as your machine specification or the version of your browser. The BT Sport Online Player requires a Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to protect against video piracy. You can download its latest version from:

unnamedFollow these easy steps to fix this problem:

Try a different browser or try clearing your browser’s cache. These clearing instructions vary among different browsers. Below are the steps to clear the cache on Internet Explorer browser:

  • Click on your browser’s Settings or Tools button.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Click the Delete button under “browsing history” on the general tab.
  • Select temporary internet files and press Delete.
  • Just Refresh and re login the BT Sport online player.

Now if your BT Sport player takes longer loading time, just delete the mspr.hds file to clear the PlayReady cache. Restart your browser and BT Sport player.

If the same problem still persists, then follow these steps:

  • Right click the BT Sport online video player and select Silverlight.
  • Select the Playback tab from your ‘Microsoft Silverlight Configuration’ screen and just tick on ‘Enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback’ option.
  • Click OK
  • Refresh and retry your BT Sport online player.

unnamed Error Messages – “VC001”, “VC018”, “VC021”, “VC022”, “VC024”, “VC025” and ”VC026”

Error Messages – “VC001”, “VC018”, “VC021”, “VC022”, “VC024”, “VC025” and ”VC026”

Follow these easy steps:

  • Refresh the page.
  • Log out and Log in the website.

unnamed Error Messages – “VC007”, “VC008”, “VC009”, “VC011” and “VC014”

Follow these easy steps:

  • First check the proper internet connection.
  • Then Refresh the page.
  • Log out and again Log in the website.
  • Wait 12 minutes and Redo All the steps.

unnamed Error Message – VC017

Error Message - VC017

The problem can be fixed by setting internet time. If your system clock is already set according to the internet time, then just unset it and then set again.

unnamed Error Message – VC010

This occurs when more than two streams are simultaneously running. Both BT Sport App and can be accessed by you on as many supported devices you wish to, except you can only watch two streams at a time. How to fix it?

  • Discontinue all App or Online streams and re login again. Just wait a few minutes then start another stream.

unnamed Error Message – CT001 or CT002

  • Just Refresh and try again.

unnamed Error Message – VC003

This message clearly means you are trying to access the video contents on the BT website from outside of the UK. And if you encounter such message while accessing BT online over 3G in the UK, then your provider might be routing your request via Europe. Instead, do try a Wi-Fi connection to login.

unnamed Error Message – ID004

This error might occur sometimes due to heavy BT Sport online usage. It is usually is a temporary issue and can be fixed by retrying again and again. Apart from heavy traffic some other reasons could be

  • If your Pc is connected to Wi-Fi and internet access is down
  • Or you are connected to Cloud or Openzone but not logged in

unnamed Error Message – CON-003, CON-0104, CON-0113

This might be due to not ordering BT Sport or your BT Sport account number has expired or is not being associated with your BT ID. For more information: Just call BT Phone Number