How To Fix BT Phone Line Fault ? – BT Phone Line Dead With No Dial Tone

How To Fix BT Phone Line Fault ? - BT Phone Line Dead With No Dial Tone

Dead phone lines or blank dial tones – these are the very general problems faced by many of us. We can try fixing many of such faults by ourselves.

Some of the most common phone problems which we all can simply check and fix are listed below:

  • If you possess a cordless phone, just confirm whether it is fully charged or not.
  • Do check all your phones to ensure that these are on the hook and all the phone cords are properly plugged in and are secured.
  • Just confirm whether the problem lies with only one phone. If yes, then the fault is likely to be with that particular device phone and not on the entire line.

You can always purchase a new phone from BT Business Direct. And if you had rented your phone from BT telephone, just Contact BT on 0844 800 3114 and they will deliver you a new one.

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But what if the dial tone problem still persists? Just follow these steps:

How To Fix BT Phone Line Fault ? - BT Phone Line Dead With No Dial Tone

  • Testing your Phone device. / check for corrosion
  • Testing your wiring.

unnamed Test your Phone device:

  • Just unplug all of your phone devices and other electronic equipments from all the telephone sockets and do make sure there is nothing which is left behind plugged in:
    • PC’s.
    • Modems.
    • Faxes.
    • Satellite TV Dig boxes.
    • ADSL modem or router.
    • Micro-filters.
  • Just plug and insert any working corded phone into the main phone socket. Dial and check if you are able to make calls from it. And if you are able to connect and make calls, then the fault is most likely to be with one of pieces of your equipment.
  • Detach and reattach all the pieces of your equipment one by one. Then try to make a test call each time you plug-in each piece of your equipment. These steps will enable you to identify the exact item which is causing the real problem.  Just read out the manual thoroughly or contact your supplier at the earliest, to fix the problem.

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 unnamed  Test your wiring:

Now even after using the corded phone, you are still not able to connect or make any call from the main socket, then you do need to give your phone wiring a quick check:

  • Just unscrew and remove the 2 small screws from the main socket and slide out the bottom half face plate. You can easily find a test socket on the right-hand side of the main socket.
  • Attach your phone cord with the test socket and then try to make a call. Just check if your line rings and stops once or if it doesn’t ring at all.

Now if you are able to dial out and connect via the test socket, it means the real problem is associated with the internal wiring. This problem can be fixed by yourself or you can always contact your phone maintenance company, though they will charge you for the fixing service job, in case if your phone is not covered under any warranty period.

And if you are not able to dial out and connect via the test socket, then the real fault is likely to be associated with the phone line itself. So, it’s high time you should report the fault to your phone Service or the BT telephone service provider (in case you are using BT service).

Or you can also visit the BT Repair Centre page at the official BT website where you will be able to know how to identify or report or fix as well as track your entire connection faults, online.

For further information just visit the official BT website .