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Contact BT by calling 0844 381 0010. This telephone number is a direct connection through to the BT customer service team for new or existing customers. Follow the instructions given to you when you call to ensure that you are put through to the correct department first time.

BT contact phone number 0844 381 0010

BT is one of the UK’s largest telecommunications companies with headquarters in London. BT operates an incredibly diverse company, offering a wide range of products and services in the technology sector. These include broadband, TV and phone. BT has operations in 170 countries, employing over 87,000 people, and they recently revealed ambitious plans to deliver super-fast broadband to 10 million homes by 2020, a target that is far more optimistic than their competitors.

BT Contact Numbers

BT Customer Services 0844 381 0010
General Enquiries 0844 693 0896
BT Cancellations 0844 693 0671
Calling From Abroad 0844 693 0672
BT Complaints 0844 693 0733

As you would expect, BT’s customer service infrastructure is vast. They operate a huge network of call centres – some of which are UK-based and others outsourced abroad – and they are continuously investing in training and development for those in a customer service role. In addition to this, significant investment has been made over the last five years to improve customer service generally and the bulk of this investment has paid off, with BT’s customer satisfaction rates improving dramatically on 2010.

BT customer service 0844 381 0010

The best way to contact BT, whether you are a new or existing customer, is on the phone. BT’s customer service team is trained to deal with all kinds of enquiry, from complaints to purchases.

When you call our BT contact number, BT’s customer service can help you with:

– Broadband enquiries
– BT Sport enquiries
– BT Mobile enquiries
– BT TV enquiries
– Home phone enquiries
– Billing and subscriptions
– Complaints
– Moving home
– Plus much more.

If you would rather contact BT by writing or social media, we have included contact information for doing so below. We have also provided some handy tips for making the most of your phone call to BT. We recommend writing to BT to make a formal complaint and sending your letter by Special Delivery.

You can also contact BT on social media if you feel as though your enquiry has not been handled properly. However, not all social media communication is responded to, so calling BT should always be an option.

BT contact information


BT Address:

BT Centre,
81 Newgate Street,

Social Media:

Twitter, Facebook.

How to make the most of your phone call to BT

When you call BT you will hear an automated menu. This menu will list various options – your job is simply to select the options that are most relevant to you. While a lot of customers are immediately put off by the prospect of an automated system, the reasoning behind the menu is to connect the caller through to the correct department first time. This saves you time and frees up BT’s internal resources, so that they can continue to provide the best customer service possible.

What information do I need to have when I call BT?

When you call BT, you are going to either be a new customer or an existing customer. Existing customers will have a customer number or an agreement number, and this unique number will help BT find your information – so it’s important to have this to hand when you call. If you do not know your customer number, then the customer service representative you are speaking to will seek to confirm your identity through a security question or by confirming your personal information, such as your address.

How else can you contact BT?

Like many other telecoms companies in the UK, BT do offer an online live chat support system. These services typically connect you to a member of customer service via your computer, where you can then talk through whatever issue you might be having with your BT service.

Unfortunately, whilst it’s a key feature for other companies, BT don’t make it easy to find. Just like the BT telephone contact number, the live chat feature is hidden. To save you the time and effort, simply click here to go directly to the page.

Live chat does have a number of disadvantages over calling the BT contact number, however. Specifically, it can take up to half an hour to be put in touch with a member of their team, and there’s no guarantee that you’re the only person they’re speaking to.

If you’re attempting to communicate a serious issue or attempting to make changes to your account, the live chat feature is far from ideal, and you’re better placed making a phone call instead.

Likewise, if you have a technical issue and you’re looking for a guide, the BT FAQ page has answers for a huge array of questions, potentially saving you time ringing BT.

How can I make a complaint about BT?

From time to time, the BT customer care number won’t be enough to solve your problem. Perhaps you’re upset about the way you’ve been treat by BT or haven’t had your issue solved after repeated requests? In that case, you might want to launch a complaint to BT.

Doing so is as simple as taking the following three steps:

  1. Go to this link and select the subject of your complaint
  2. Tell BT what you want to complain about so they can get you the right help as quickly as possible.
  3. Wait for a response, if they can’t help straight away, they’ll put you in direct contact with a member of their complaints team.

Alternatively, you can make a complaint directly to Ofcom, the regulatory body for the telecommunications industry.

BT Customer Services 0844 381 0010
General Enquiries 0844 693 0896
BT Cancellations 0844 693 0671
Calling From Abroad 0844 693 0672
BT Complaints 0844 693 0733

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