British Airways Customer Service Number 0844 381 6305

British Airways contact number
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The British Airways customer service team can be contacted seven days a week using the telephone number 0844 381 6305. This phone number is for new or existing British Airways customers, and it can be used to book flights and holidays, manage your booking, check your flight status and much more.

British Airways customer service 0844 381 6305

British Airways, or BA, is the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size. The airline is one of the most recognisable airline brands in the world and they operate out of all major airports across the UK and serve all areas of the world, from the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America.

Every year, millions climb aboard a British Airways flight. Inside their planes, a world of luxury awaits, with world class waiting staff and some of the best business class comfort available. British Airways have cultivated a reputation as one of the world’s very finest airlines, and that goes for their customer service too. But how did the company get started?

The story begins in 1924 as the four pioneering airlines of Britain – Handley Page Transport, British Marine Air Navigation, Daimler Airways and Instone Air Ltd – joined together to form Imperial Airways Limited. Initial routes connected the British Empire to India, Australia and Africa. At a similar time, another group of airline operators formed British Airways Ltd.

Both were folded together as as publicly owned company called the British Overseas Airways Corporation in 1939. By 1952, the BOAC became the first airline to operate now ubiquitous jet airliners.

Meanwhile, British European Airways had launched to offer European flights to customers, and by 1974 the government had made the decision to merge both the BOAC and BUA into one, becoming British Airways as part of what was the largest aviation merger ever. In 1987, the business was floated on the stock exchange, leaving public hands once again.

Since then, BA have become a global player in the aviation world. It was also one of the first two airlines to offer flights on Concorde, which remains perhaps the most remarkable consumer airplane to date. The legendary plane could faster than the speed of sound, and shuttled well-heeled customers between New York City and London, before being retired in 2003. It’s record for travelling between JFK and Heathrow was a remarkable 2 hours, 52 minutes.

Current rumours suggest a next-generation Concorde is under the development stage, and could connect London to New York in less than an hour, though this is far from a commercial viability just yet.

British Airways Contact Numbers

British Airways (BA) Customer Services 0844 381 6305
British Airways General Enquiries 0844 381 5137
Textphone (Minicom) 0844 381 6303
Check Flight Details 0844 561 6910
Group Travel Bookings 0844 561 6910

Being so large, you’d be correct in assuming that BA’s customer service infrastructure is vast. British Airways actually employ thousands of people globally in a customer service role, most of whom are based in call centres but a good percentage are based in airports. Depending on the nature of your enquiry, when you call British Airways you may be put through to airport customer service or call centre customer service. Both of these customer service departments are highly trained and will help you with your enquiry.

What can British Airways customer service help me with?

BA’s customer service team can help you with a wide range of things, including:

– Flight bookings
– Flight statuses
– Delayed or cancelled flights
– Changing the date or time of your flight
– Holiday and last minute bookings
– Payments and billing
– Complaints
– Executive Club enquiries
– Plus much more.

Where are British Airways call centres based?

The majority of calls to British Airways are managed by their British contact centres, however, when their service is being subjected to a high volume of calls, you may find you’re put through to another English speaking call centre. This is nothing to worry about, as your issue will still be sorted.

British Airways contact number 0844 381 6305

To make the most of your phone call to British Airways, we recommend that you have any correspondence between you and BA to hand. If you have a complaint with British Airways or you have a flight or a holiday booked with them, you will have a customer number. This can be found on any letter addressed to you from British Airways. Your unique customer number will help British Airways identify you so that they can resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible. If you do not know your customer number then further personal information, such as your address, may be required over the phone to confirm your identity.

We recommend that you contact British Airways on the telephone for immediate customer service, if your enquiry is related to a flight or holiday. For all other enquiries, you may like to contact BA customer service by writing or on social media. Below, you will find information for doing just that. It’s important to remember that while British Airways will always strive to respond to their customers within a set period of time, this time period does vary from medium to medium. For example if you call British Airways then they will aim to answer your call within a few minutes but emails are often seven working days and written letters are ten working days.

British Airways contact information

If you would prefer to write to BA, here’s the information you need:



British Airways PLC,
PO Box 365,

Social media:

Twitter, Facebook.

How to use BA’s website for support

If you have a general question about your flight or holiday or your British Airways account, you may find the information you are looking for on the British Airways website. The web page you want to be on to search for FAQs is this one. Simply select the FAQ most relevant to you on that page, or click ‘search all FAQs’ to search for an answer to your question. If you cannot find a relevant FAQ, then we recommend you call British Airways customer service to have your enquiry dealt with as quickly as possible.

British Airways (BA) Customer Services 0844 381 6305
British Airways General Enquiries 0844 381 5137
Textphone (Minicom) 0844 381 6303
Check Flight Details 0844 561 6910
Group Travel Bookings 0844 561 6910

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