Barclays Customer Service Number 0844 381 5184

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To speak with a member of the Barclays customer service team, call 0844 381 5184. When you call this number, you may be asked a series of questions regarding the nature of your call. Please answer these questions as accurately as possible, so that you get through to the correct department.

Barclays Customer Service 0844 381 5184

Barclays is committed to providing great service and helping you meet your financial needs. Their customer service infrastructure is vast, with over a thousand employees in a customer service role in the United Kingdom and the same number in India. In 2011, Barclays cut 285 UK jobs and transferred them to an Indian outsourcing firm in a bid to cut costs. The good news is that whoever you are put through to when you call our Barclays contact number, you can be sure of excellent customer service from a passionate and knowledgeable workforce.

Barclays traces its origins back to a goldsmith banking business established within the City of London in 1690 before James Barclay became a partner in the business in 1736. By 1896, several banks in London and from English provinces, including Bankhouse’s Bank and Gurney’s Bank united under the Barclay’s and Co. banner. The next couple of decades would see Barclays expand to become a nationwide enterprise, with branches in major cities and towns across the United Kingdom.

Their history since has included installing the world’s first cash dispenser in 1967 and engaging in a range of corporate takeovers, including London, Provincial and South Western Bank in 1918, British Linen Bank in 1919, Mercantile Credit in 1975, the Woolwich in 2000 and the North American operations of Lehman Brothers in 2008 following the financial crash.

Today, Barclays is a worldwide bank with operations in a huge number of countries, as well as a 2015 revenue of over £25 billion and an employee base of almost 130,000.

Barclays Contact Numbers

Barclays Customer Services 0844 381 5184
Barclays 0844 561 6938
Barclays Fraud Concerns 0844 381 5550
Online Fraud Concerns 0844 381 5173
Barclays UK Banking 0844 381 5184

What can Barclays customer service help me with?

Barclays customer service can help you with all your account enquiries, including:

– Personal banking
– Business banking
– Mortgage enquiries
– Loan enquiries
– General account enquiries
– Lost or stolen cards
– Savings and investments
– Plus much more.

If you would rather not call Barclays, then there is another way to get support and that’s on the Barclays website.

The Barclays website is full of helpful advice for customers regarding online banking, payments, debit cards, mobile banking, mortgages, fraud and security plus much more. This help and advice hub has been created for new and existing customers. It answers practically all questions regarding the products and services offered by Barclays and goes further by troubleshooting common problems customers experience.

Barclays contact information

Barclays website:


1 Churchill Place,
E14 5HP

Social media:

Twitter, Facebook.

Published customer service number:

0345 734 5345.

Barclays Bank contact number 0844 381 5184

Call Barclays on 0844 381 5184 for all your business and personal banking enquiries today. The Barclays customer service number listed on our website is available six days a week – the only exception being Sundays.

If you would rather write to Barclays or you would rather contact Barclays on social media, we have provided information for doing so above.

This Barclays phone number is for general enquiries and account enquiries. Simply follow the instructions your phone gives you and select the options that are most relevant to you. There may be a short delay before you are put through to a customer service representative. This is normal – Barclays is a large business with thousands of customers.

Most phone calls to Barclays last for around 10 minutes, or 15 minutes including the average waiting time. To speed up your phone call, we recommend that you have your online banking customer number to hand and answers to your security questions; Barclays needs to confirm your identity before they can help you. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget about their chosen security question. If you have forgotten yours, Barclays may require further personal information from you to confirm your identity. Again, this is completely normal.

Lastly, if your enquiry is complex, it is advisable that you write down the key elements of your enquiry so that you can communicate it properly.

Where are Barclays’ call centres based?

The last five years have seen a widespread move from UK banks to move their call centres back to the UK after a wave of outsourcing meant that Indian call centres became the standard. However, Barclay’s haven’t made the same change. The company still utilise Indian call centres for much of their customer service demands as a cost saving measure. Though the staff at these call centres are helpful and well meaning, it can sometimes be something of a frustration not to be speaking with a fluent English speaker.

Thankfully, Barclays do operate a number of UK call centres for vital customer service calls, and by using the numbers on this site you’ve got a good chance of being put in touch with them. Calling local branches of Barclays will also yield British customer service.

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Barclays Customer Services 0844 381 5184
Barclays 0844 561 6938
Barclays Fraud Concerns 0844 381 5550
Online Fraud Concerns 0844 381 5173
Barclays UK Banking 0844 381 5184

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