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To discuss your Barclaycard account, query a recent transaction or to make a complaint, simply call 0833 381 5191 to speak to a member of the Barclaycard customer service department.

Barclaycard contact number  0833 381 5191

Barclaycard might often be confused for Barclays, but it is today its own service. With over ten million customers in the UK and issuing one in five credit cards, it’s the UK’s leading credit card issuer. Based out of 1234 Pavilion Drive in Northampton, in an specially designed building, Barclaycard are an integral part of the UK’s credit system.

Since the launch of Barclaycard in 1966, the company have been at the forefront of payment technology, first as a founding member of the international Visa system that’s still in use today, then as the first credit company to allow bills to be paid over the internet. They also pioneered contactless payments on the tube and helped to spearhead the wider movement towards contactless payment technologies.

Outside of the UK, Barclaycard have a large presence in Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Botswana, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal, Egypt, Sweden, India and Dubai, with plans to expand into further markets in the future.

Barclaycard Contact Numbers

Barclaycard Customer Services 0833 381 5191
Barclaycard 0844 381 5485
Rewards Club Customer Service 0844 381 6020
Internet Services 0844 381 6020
Barclaycard Complaints 08443816020

The Barclaycard brand itself is actually a payment business, offering a range of credit cards and business credit solutions. Their credit cards are their most popular products; they include balance transfer cards, reward cards and cards for people with limited – or poor – credit history. In a market that’s highly competitive, Barclaycard offer some of the most accessible credit cards in the United Kingdom.

Barclaycard customer services number 0833 381 5191

Contrary to belief, Barclaycard was not the first payment card to be issued in the UK. American Express was, along with Diners Club. Barclaycard is now a part of the Visa network, and it is Europe’s largest issuer of cards, with some 10 million business and personal customers across Europe, with millions in the UK.

As a result, Barclaycard has a significant level of customer service infrastructure. This includes UK-based and overseas call centres, and a wide network of branches which you can pop into for advice, support or banking.

Where are Barclaycard’s call centres?

Much like its parent company, Barclaycard’s telephone based customer service for the UK is based out of India and the Philippines. That will come as a frustration to customers who want to speak to customer service teams based within their own country, but Barclaycard aren’t keen to change this system any time soon. They suggest that because their online service, they can’t justify the increased cost of moving their telephone customer service back to the UK.

There are charges I didn’t make on my Barclaycard, what do I do?

If you’ve suffered financial fraud as a Barclaycard customer, the first thing you should do is to get on the Barclaycard contact number and speak to a member of Barclaycard’s fraud department. They’ll go back through your payments and help you ascertain which payments were yours and which ones were the work of a fraudster. From there, they’ll put you in touch with the fraud department and work to help you get your money back.

Barclaycard contact phone number 0844 381 5191

The best way to get in touch with Barclaycard is by calling the Barclaycard customer services number on this website, 0833 381 5191. This Barclaycard phone number will put you through to an automated menu system, where you will be given a few different options. Simply select the options that are relevant to your enquiry, so that you are put through to the correct customer service department.

If you do not want to call Barclaycard, then there are alternatives. If you would rather use electronic forms of correspondence, you can visit the Barclaycard website and use either the email address that is listed there or you can enter into a live-chat scenario with one of the Barclaycard customer advisors through exchanging instant messages. This is a good option for simple enquiries. Or, you can contact them on social media.

Additional contact information for Barclaycard can be found below.

Barclaycard contact information



1 Churchill Place,
E14 5HP.

Social media:

Twitter, Facebook.

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

What is the best way to contact Barclaycard?

With so many payment businesses in the UK, banks are finding it harder and harder to distinguish themselves from one another. The Barclaycard customer service team are acutely aware of this fact, and therefore they strive to accommodate any enquiry that comes through to them, whether that be by phone, email or post. Quite simply, they want to be known as the best payment business for customer service. As a result, you can have confidence when you call Barclaycard, and that’s why we recommend contacting them by phone.

If calling the Barclaycard number is not the most convenient way for you to contact Barclaycard but you do need advice or assistance with your account, you can do so by visiting the official Barclaycard website. On here, customers can find information about credit cards whether they are currently customers of Barclaycard or not. Not only is there an endless amount of information, but there is also the opportunity to speak with a member of the customer services team over the internet, as well as call a Barclaycard telephone number.

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Barclaycard Customer Services 0833 381 5191
Barclaycard 0844 381 5485
Rewards Club Customer Service 0844 381 6020
Internet Services 0844 381 6020
Barclaycard Complaints 08443816020

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