Autoglass Contact Number 0844 875 2490

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Call Autoglass on 0844 875 2490 to book an appointment to get your windscreen or side window repaired or replaced. Autoglass have a large team of customer services personnel waiting to take your call.

The friendly customer services team at Autoglass are happy to help get you back on the road, by dealing with your cracked and broken vehicle glass problem. If you have a complaint or query about the service, you can speak to the customer service department to have the issue resolved. Autoglass offer countrywide customer service assistance, so use this number to get through to someone who can contact your local technician as quickly as possible. It is reassuring to know that Autoglass have a really well trained customer service department and the service that the company offer really is efficient and quick. Getting through to customer services is the first step. This is where our number can really speed things up.

Autoglass Customer Service 0844 875 2490

Autoglass are the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement specialists, and work round the clock to keep Britain on the road. They serve more than 1 million customers a year, and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They have over 1,100 technicians across the country, who will come out to you wherever you are and repair your screen or windows. They will take care of your insurance claim or deal with you directly, depending on whether you are covered.

Autoglass Contact Information

If you would prefer to address your complaint or comment to the company by post, you can write to the customer services management team at their registered address:

1 Priory Business Park
MK44 3US

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Autoglass Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most commonly asked questions from customers calling Autoglass on 0844 875 2490 are:

How long will it take before I can drive my car safely, after you have repaired the screen?

You can drive away immediately after a repair, or a side window replacement. If you have had your windscreen replaced, you will need to wait one hour before driving off. Autoglass technicians use the best quality glues and materials, so that you can get on your way as quickly as possible.

How much will my repair or replacement cost?

The cost of the repair will depend entirely upon the following factors:

  1. The type of damage – how severe it is
  2. The site of the repair – side window or windscreen
  3. Whether your insurance company covers you.

If you have ‘glass damage’ insurance cover, and Autoglass can repair the existing piece of glass on the spot, rather than replace it, it will usually be free of charge. Your insurance company will pay up and it should not affect your no claims bonus. Autoglass are happy to liaise with your insurance company to sort out the paperwork, making the experience as hassle free as possible. This extra help is why so many people trust Autoglass with their broken screens. The paperwork is taken care of, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible

Autoglass Phone Number 0844 875 2490

Most people prefer to be able speak to somebody in person, rather than leaving messages or waiting for ring backs. With a service like Autoglass, this is particularly important, as you need to know that help is on its way. With our number, you know you will be getting a customer service operator on the line in the shortest time possible. You need the reassurance of knowing a technician is on the way as soon as is possible. The sooner your screen is repaired the sooner you can complete your journey.

Autoglass Customer Services Phone Number 0844 875 2490

We have tested this number against others on the internet, and found the waiting time to be the shortest. An organisation like Autoglass has a huge network of customer service operators, working around the clock. It is inevitable that there will be a waiting time before your call is answered. This phone number consistently got through to an operator in the shortest time, compared to others. Just dial the number and follow the instructions. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

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