How To Remove iPhone 5S Front Facing Camera?

iPhone 5 Front-Facing Camera Replacement

iPhone 5S Front Facing Camera replacement

Now in case if you recently started having issues with your iPhone 5S front-facing camera, then it might be the exact opportunity and time for you to opt for its DIY repair. The particular symptoms associated with the iPhone 5S front facing camera usually includes a total blacked out screen or certain pixilated lines and areas right through the screen whenever its front-facing camera gets activated.

And in certain cases the front-facing camera of your iPhone device might not get triggered or launched at all. The DIY repair might be time consuming but it will certainly save you from its whooping repair cost. Befor you head over to Apple support You should try to Remove iPhone 5S Front Facing Camera all by yourself using the steps mentioned below.

Reminder: Now in case if your iPhone 5S device is under warranty then don’t opt for the DIY repair and do visit the nearest iPhone authorized service centre.

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iPhone 5S front camera

Tools required:

  • Spudger tool.
  • Heat gun or an iOpener.
  • Tweezers tool.
  • Phillips #000 Screwdriver.
  • Pentalobe Screwdriver.
  • Plastic razor tool.
  • Portable size Suction Cup.

iPhone 5S front cameraStep 1:

  • Just switch off your iPhone device before starting its disassembling process.
  • Then unscrew and remove both of the 3.9 mm Pentalobe screws located on both sides of the Lightning connector.


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iPhone 5S front cameraStep 2:Front panel assembly removal:

Reminder: Proceed carefully and gently to avoid any damage.

  • Now firmly place a portable suction cup over the front screen and gently press it just above the home button.
  • Then hold your iPhone down firmly with your one hand and simultaneously use the suction cup to detach the front panel’s home button end slightly away from the back case.
  • Use your plastic razor tool to gently detach the rear case edges away from the front panel assembly, while simultaneously pulling up the front assembly via your suction cup.

Reminder: Don’t attempt to detach the front panel assembly completely from the back case, as there might be numerous ribbon cables which are still attached to your iPhone’s top end.

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iPhone 5S front cameraStep 3:

  • Now just pull up the plastic nub to release your suction cup’s vacuum seal.
  • Then gently detach your suction cup away from the front display assembly.
  • After that gently open up your iPhone device till its metal bracket wrapping the home button cable is revealed.

Reminder: Don’t attempt to open your iPhone too much or else the home button cable might get damaged.

  • Use your spudger tool’s tip to release the bracket free and gently detach it with the tweezers tool.
  • Again use the spudger tool’s tip to gently detach the home button cable connector away from its socket.

Reminder: Just ensure to carefully detach the cable connector away from its respective socket and do not detach the entire socket.

  • After releasing the connector from its socket, just use your iPhone’s top end like a hinge and carefully separate the front panel’s home button end away from the back case.
  • Then unscrew and remove all the Phillips #000 screws (two 1.7 mm Phillips screws, single 1.2 mm Phillips screw and single 1.3 mm Phillips screw) attaching the front panel assembly cable bracket with the logic board assembly.


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Reminder: The particular 1.3 mm screw is not a magnetic one, so it won’t be attracted to the magnetic Phillips screwdriver. Be very careful not to lose it.

  • Carefully detach the cable bracket of the front panel assembly away from the logic board assembly.
  • Now use the spudger tool’s flat end to carefully detach the front-facing camera cable as well as the sensor cable.
  • While firmly holding the front panel assembly, gently detach the digitizer cable connector.
  • After that cautiously detach the LCD cable connector as well.
  • Finally separate the front panel assembly away from the back case.

iPhone 5S front cameraStep 4:Front Facing Camera cable:

Reminder: The front facing camera along with the sensor cable is secured with the front display assembly via a mild adhesive.

  • Now use your heat gun or heat up your iOpener to warm up the adhesive in that very section.
  • Then with the tweezers tool or your spudger tool’s edge, carefully open up the earpiece speaker contact cable and gently release the front camera cable as well as the sensor cable away from its below adhesive.

Reminder: Be careful to only open up the earpiece speaker contacts as there are numerous sensors as well as microchips located underneath which might get damaged in the due process.

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  • Use your spudger tool’s tip to raise the ambient light sensor from its recess in the display assembly.
  • Use your spudger tool’s flat end to carefully peel off the front camera cable portion from the front display assembly.
  • Cautiously peel off the LCD shield plate’s cable assembly to detach it away from the front display.

Reminder: Be very cautious not to hold the digitizer cable while you’re peeling off the front camera cable as well as the sensor assembly cable.

iPhone 5S front cameraStep 5: Front-facing camera removal:

  • Gently remove any plastic wrappings away from the microphone located on the sensor cable assembly.
  • Then carefully release any clear backing strips away from the cable, light sensor as well as the front camera.
  • Then gently detach the front camera away from the cable.
  • Now you are holding the bare front facing camera.

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iPhone 5S front cameraStep 6:

  • Replace the old front facing camera with the new one.
  • To reassemble your iPhone device, just follow all the above steps in exact reverse order.

Your iPhone 5S device is equipped with a brand new front facing camera for you to enjoy uninterrupted video chat and click numerous selfie’s. For further info, Contact Apple support and start your support request online or Apple phone number listed here ‘ll connect you to an expert, when dialed.