iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement – DIY Repair Guide

iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure  Replacement - DIY Repair Guide

So you recently started having trouble with the speaker on your GSM/AT&T iPhone 4 mobile and you wish to opt for the DIY repair.

Now repairing/replacing your iPhone 4’s bottom speaker assembly is quite a straight forward procedure. Only pre requisites are the right tools, good instruction guide, ample time and quality parts.

Just follow the below mentioned step by step guide to Repair/Replace iPhone 4 Speaker enclosure:

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contacttelephonenumbersTools required:

  • Phillips #000 Screwdriver.
  • Pentalobe Screwdriver.
  • Plastic razor Tools.
  • SIM Card Extract Tool.

 iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement – DIY Repair Guide

DIY Repair Guide iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure

contacttelephonenumbersStep 1: Rear panel removal:

  • Make sure that your iPhone4 device is properly switched off before you start the disassembling procedure.
  • Now unscrew and remove both of the two 3.6 mm screws (either Phillips #000 or Pentalobe) located just near the dock connector.

Reminder: Now the Pentalobe Screwdriver must be used only once, as it can potentially strip both the screws.

  • Use your thumbs to firmly press and push the rear panel towards the device’s top edge.
  • Firmly grab the rear panel with your fingers and pull it away from your device. (You can also use a Suction Cup to accomplish this task).

Reminder: Be cautious and make sure that the plastic clips which are attached to the rear panel, are not damaged.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 2: To remove iPhone4 battery:

  • Now unscrew and remove the single 2.5 mm Phillips screw, with your Phillips screwdriver, attaching the battery connector with the logic board.
  • Then carefully pry open the battery connector from its socket on the logic board, using a plastic razor tool.
  • Just pull out the metal clip wrapping the antenna connector.
  • Now gently grab the clear plastic pull tab to carefully remove the battery out of the iPhone.
  • Then pick out the contact clip from your device.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 3: Speaker Enclosure assembly:

  • Just unscrew and remove both of the Phillips screws (a single 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm Phillips screws) with the help of your Phillips screwdriver.
  • Then gently take out the thin steel dock connector cable cover from your device.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 4:

  • Now cautiously pop off the dock cable connector from the logic board at both the short ends of the connector, with your plastic razor tool.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 5:

  • Then gently peel off the dock ribbon cable from both the lower speaker enclosure as well as the logic board.

Reminder: Avoid using excessive force to peel off the dock ribbon cable from the logic board as it might damage the cable.

  • Gently disconnect the lower antenna connector from its socket on the logic board, with your plastic razor tool.
  • Just unscrew and remove both the Phillips screws (single 1.9 mm and 2.4mm screw) attaching the speaker enclosure assembly with the outer case.
  • With the help of plastic razor tool just remove the speaker enclosure assembly out of the case and make sure that the EMI fingers on the attached Wi-Fi antenna is not damaged.
  • Now carefully take out the speaker enclosure assembly.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 6:

  • Unscrew and remove both of the two Phillips screws attaching the antenna with the speaker enclosure, with your Phillips screwdriver.
  • With the plastic razor tool’s edge, gently start to peel off the antenna from the speaker enclosure, near the cellular antenna cable.

Reminder: Just ensure to carefully wedge the plastic razor tool underneath the plastic on which the antenna is mounted and not the metal plate.

  • Just keep on peeling off the cellular antenna from the speaker enclosure and be cautious not to damage the gold bracket attached with one of the edges.
  • Now gently remove the cellular antenna assembly.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 7:

  • Now you are left only with the Speaker enclosure assembly.
  • Replace the existing Speaker enclosure assembly with the new one.
  • Now to reassemble your iPhone4 device, just follow the above mentioned step by step instructions in reverse order (i.e. back from Step 6 to Step 1).

Now your iPhone4 device is equipped with a brand new Speaker enclosure assembly and we sincerely hope that this DIY repair guide will immensely help you out in repairing/replacing your speaker enclosure assembly with ease.

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