How To Replace Rear Camera In Your iPad 2 GSM

 Rear Camera Replacement: iPad 2 GSM Troubleshooting

Now your iPad 2 GSM device possesses dual cameras and in case if any one of those cameras is not working properly, it might severely obstruct the usage and the abilities of your particular device. And in case if you device is not under warranty then you might consider a DIY repair, so you can replace/repair/fix the particular problem by yourself without having to buy an entire new tablet.

Now the DIY repair for your iPad2 rear camera is quite possible. The repair/replacement of your iPad 2 rear cameras will sort out many issues such as damaged or faulty cameras, ripped camera flex cables as well as cracked camera lens.

The following article focus on the step by step procedure to repair/replace your iPad2 Rear Camera:

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Reminder: If your iPad2 GSM device is under warranty then don’t go for the DIY repair and do visit the nearby authorized iPad service centre to sort out your problems.

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iPad 2 GSM troubleshooting:

iPad 2 GSM troubleshooting:

Tools Required:

  • Heat Gun or an iOpener.
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver.
  • Plastic Opening Tools.
  • Plastic Picks.

ipad2_gsm_rear_camera_replacement Step 1:

  • Just power off your iPad2 device, before you start its disassembly process.
  • Then place the heated iOpener flat or use your heat gun, on the iPad’s right edge to smooth out the adhesive in that very section for about 90 plus seconds before your attempt to pry up its front assembly panel.

iPad 2 GSM troubleshooting: Step 2:

  • Now carefully wedge the plastic razor tool’s tip into the small gap, just enough to widen the crack, right in between the plastic bezel and the front glass.

Reminder: Now it might need a bit of force to wedge the plastic tool’s tip right between the bezel and the glass. So workout carefully and patiently to wiggle the plastic razor tool back and forth as needed.

  • Now just hold the plastic razor tool inserted right in between the plastic bezel and the front glass and then slide a plastic pick in the small opening nearest the plastic razor tool.
  • Then detach the plastic razor tool out of the iPad and insert the plastic pick further beneath the front glass to about 0.5 inches deep.
  • While releasing the adhesive on the iPad’s right side, just reheat your iOpener or use your heat gun to warm up the iPad’s bottom edge.
  • Now while the iPad’s bottom edge is being warmed up, just start to release the adhesive alongside the iPad’s right edge.
  • Then just slide the plastic pick down alongside the iPad’s right edge to release all the adhesive coming in its way.
  • Now just before detaching the first plastic pick away from the iPad’s bottom corner, carefully wedge another pick right beneath the front glass’s right edge to prevent the adhesive from re-sticking.
  • Again use the heat gun or re-heat your iOpener to smooth up the iPad’s top edge.
  • Then slide the plastic pick just around the iPad’s bottom right corner to release the adhesive in that section.

Reminder: Just avoid sliding the plastic pick further than the iPad’s bottom right corner as the Wi-Fi antenna might get damaged in the process.

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  • Don’t detach the plastic pick fully and away from beneath the front glass. Just pull that pick out a little bit till about 1/8 mm of its tip is still remaining beneath the front glass.
  • Then slide the plastic pick’s tip right along the iPad’s bottom edge to release the Wi-Fi antenna adhesive.
  • After passing the Wi-Fi antenna, which is about 3mm away from the iPad’s right edge or is quite near the home button, just re-wedge the plastic pick deep enough.
  • Then slide the plastic pick towards the right to release the adhesive attaching the Wi-Fi antenna with the front glass.
  • Just keep on releasing the iPad’s bottom adhesive and pull out the plastic pick just enough to move about the home button. Then again re-wedge it after the pick passes the home button.
  • Again keep on releasing the entire adhesive all along the iPad’s bottom edge.
  • Just hold the plastic pick inserted right beneath the front glass next to the home button.
  • Again use your heat gun or reheat your iOpener to warm up the adhesive in the iPad’s left edge section.
  • Then carefully slide the plastic pick along the iPad’s top edge to slightly pull it out in order to move about the front camera bracket.
  • Again keep on releasing the iPad’s top edge adhesive and gently slide the plastic pick just about the iPad’s top left corner.
  • Then slide the plastic pick alongside the iPad’s left edge to release the adhesive coming its way.

Reminder: Now the digitizer cable is about 2.0 mm away from the iPad’s bottom. So, just halt the sliding job when you reach about 2.30 mm away from the iPad’s bottom.

  • Use your plastic pick which is still held beneath the iPad’s bottom edge to release the iPad’s bottom left corner adhesive.

Reminder: Now the digitizer cable’s bottom is just about 1 inch from the iPad’s bottom. Just make sure that this cable is not severed.

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  • Use one of your plastic picks to open up the iPad’s bottom right corner and hold it firmly with your fingers.
  • Then just firmly grab the iPad by its bottom as well as its right corners and gently remove the front glass out of your iPad.

ipad2_gsm_rear_camera_replacement Step 3:LCD:

  • Now use your Phillips screwdriver to unscrew and remove all the four 2.0 mm Phillips #00 screws attaching the LCD with the back case.
  • Then just raise the LCD by its longer edge nearest the volume buttons and flip it out of the back case.
  • Gently place the LCD over the front panel.

iPad 2 GSM troubleshooting: Step 4:Rear Camera:

  • Now cautiously peel off the rubber cover away from the metal camera retainer and gently detach it from your iPad 2 device.
  • Then unscrew and remove both of the Phillips screws (single 3.3 mm screw and a single 2.1 mm screw) with your Philips screwdriver.
  • Gently raise the metal retainer clip and release it from its recess in the back panel.
  • Again use your plastic razor tool to detach the rear camera connector away from its socket on the upper component board.
  • Carefully detach the rear camera.
  • Now you’re left with the bare rear camera.

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ipad2_gsm_rear_camera_replacementStep 5:

  • Replace the old rear camera with the new one.
  • To reassemble your iPad2 device, just follow the above steps in exact reverse order.

You’ve successfully replaced the rear camera of your iPad 2 GSM and now you can click all your favorite pictures just like your tab was new again. For all enquiries regarding one of the biggest technology companies in the world, use the Apple customer services number .