How to Repair iPad 3G Ambient Light Sensor?

Replacing the ambient light sensor on your iPad 3G. Use this guide to replace a broken ambient light sensor.

So the ambient light sensor of your iPad 3G has stopped functioning. It literally means that even if the auto-brightness option of your iPad 3G device is enabled, it is still not adjusting by itself in accordance with the different lighting conditions.

The repair/replacement of your iPad 3G Ambient Sensor by any service center might burn a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, the DIY repair of your iPad 3G is possible.

Reminder: Don’t attempt for any DIY repair if your iPad device is under warranty.

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Tools required:

  • Spudger tool.
  • Plastic razor Tools.

 Ipad 3g Ambient Light Sensor Replacement

iPad 3G Ambient Light Sensor Replacement


Step 1:

  • Before disassembling your iPad 3G device, make sure to switch it off.
  • Wedge your spudger tool just in between the display assembly’s right edge and the back panel assembly.
  • Twist the spudger tool to free the tabs along the front display’s top edge.
  • Wedge the other spudger tool between the display assembly’s top edge and the back panel assembly to avoid snapping of the tabs back into place.
  • Start to open up the display assembly from the back panel.
  • Carefully continue to separate the display assembly from the back panel along the iPad’s left and bottom edges.

Reminder: While approaching the iPad’s top edge, exercise extreme caution for not damaging the digitizer ribbon cable.

  • While holding its bottom, try to raise the display assembly away from the back panel assembly.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 2:

  • With the spudger tool’s flat end, detach the antenna connector nearest the iPad’s bottom from its socket located on the communications board.
  • Detach all the three cables (digitizer cable, display data cable and the ambient light sensor cable) securing the display assembly with the logic board.
  • Use your plastic razor tool to toss the retaining flaps up which secures the digitizer ribbon cables with their respective sockets on the logic board.

Reminder: Make sure you are tossing up only the retaining flap and not the entire socket.

  • Remove the digitizer ribbon cables out of their respective sockets.
  • Use your razor tool to detach the ambient light sensor connector from its socket.
  • Detach the display data cable by tossing up the metal retainer from its black plastic pull tab on the main board.
  • Remove the cable connector out of its socket.
  • Then detach the display assembly away from the back panel assembly.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 3:

Ambient Light Sensor:

  • Peel off the foam tape strip from the ambient light sensor.
  • With your plastic razor tool’s edge, gently detach the ambient light sensor board from the adhesive sticking it with the display frame.
  • After gaining sufficient clearance, just peel off the ambient light sensor away from the LCD.

contacttelephonenumbersStep 4:

  • Replace the existing Ambient Light Sensor with the new one.
  • To reassemble your iPad 3G device, just follow the above stated steps in reverse order.

Your iPad 3G device is equipped with a new ambient Light Sensor. We do hope that you all would find this article quite helpful.


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