How To Replace Your iPad 2 GSM Home Button Assembly?

How To Replace Your iPad 2 GSM Home Button Assembly?

So after just getting your iPad2 GSM’s screen digitizer replaced, now suddenly its home button assembly has stopped to respond. And you are very confused how the home button assembly even interfaces with the device’s logic board, as according to you it is just a small PCB board located right behind the visible button which is not connected with anything at all.

And after getting it checked from a repair shop you’re being informed that the home button assembly has malfunctioned and it needs an immediate replacement.

This article focuses on the step by step guide to repair iPad2 GSM Home Button Assembly:

Tools required:

  • Phillips #0 Screwdriver.
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver.
  • Plastic Razor Tools.
  • Spudger tool.
  • Plastic Picks.
  • iOpener or a heat gun.


 DIY Guide To Repair Ipad 2 Gsm Home Button Assembly



Step 1:


  • Power off your iPad2 GSM device, before you start disassembling process.
  • Place your iOpener flat or use a heat gun on the iPad’s right edge in order to warm it up for around 90 plus seconds before you try to detach the front panel.
  • Align your tool along with the mute button then carefully wedge the plastic razor tool’s tip right into the opening just enough in between the plastic bezel and the front glass in order to widen the gap.


Reminder: This might need some force to wedge the razor tool’s tip right between the plastic and the glass. Wiggle the razor tool carefully and patiently, back and forth as required.


  • Now just hold the plastic razor tool’s tip wedged right in between the plastic bezel and the front glass and just insert a plastic pick tool right into the gap next to the razor tool.
  • Then detach the plastic razor tool away from your iPad and slide the plastic pick tool further beneath the front glass as deep as 0.5 inches.
  • Again reheat the iOpener or carefully use your heat gun to heat up the bottom edge of your iPad while simultaneously releasing the adhesive on your iPad’s right side.
  • Now while heating up the bottom edge, simultaneously start to release the right edge’s adhesive of your iPad.
  • Then slide the plastic pick along the iPad’s right edge to release the adhesive coming its way.


Reminder: Slide the pick carefully as it might require some force to release the strong adhesive.

Step 2:


  • Now before you remove the initial plastic pick away from your iPad’s bottom corner, just wedge a second pick beneath the front glass’s right edge to prevent the adhesive from re-sticking.
  • Then again re-heat your iOpener or restart your heat gun to work on the iPad’s top edge.


Reminder: The Wi-Fi antenna is attached via a cable and screws to the back case of your iPad’s bottom right edge. Be careful while proceeding further to prevent any irreparable Wi-Fi antenna damage.


  • Carefully slide the plastic pick along the iPad’s bottom right corner to release the adhesive.
  • To prevent any damage to the Wi-Fi antenna just avoid sliding the plastic pick further than the bottom right corner.


Reminder: Don’t detach the plastic pick completely away from the front glass’s beneath. Just grab it out a little bit so that about 1/8 mm of its tip still remains under it.


  • Now slide the plastic pick’s tip along the iPad’s bottom edge to release the Wi-Fi antenna’s adhesive.
  • After moving past the Wi-Fi antenna, which is about 3 mm from the right edge or near the home button, just re-wedge the plastic pick deep enough.
  • Then slide the plastic pick towards the right to release the Wi-Fi antenna adhesive which attaches it with the front glass.
  • Keep on sliding the pick to release the adhesive along the iPad’s bottom and just pull out the plastic pick enough, to move around the home button. Then re-wedge it after the plastic pick passes the home button.
  • Again keep on freeing the adhesive all along the iPad’s bottom edge.
  • Just hold the plastic pick tool inserted beneath the front glass next to the home button.
  • Then reheat the iOpener or use your heat gun to warm up the adhesive under iPad’s left edge section.
  • Carefully slide the plastic pick along your iPad’s top edge to just pull it out to slide around the front camera bracket.
  • Some force might be required to release the thick adhesive in this section. So work your way out gently and carefully, to ensure not to damage your iPad device.
  • Continue to remove the adhesive alongside the iPad’s top edge and gently slide the plastic pick just about the top left corner.
  • Then slide the plastic pick just alongside your iPad’s left edge to remove the adhesive coming in its way.
  • Halt sliding the plastic pick when you reach about 2.25 mm from your iPad’s bottom.
    • Use the plastic pick which is still wedged beneath the iPad’s bottom edge to slide and detach the adhesive alongside the bottom left corner.
    • Now the digitizer cable’s bottom is about 1 mm from the iPad’s bottom. So gently and carefully, work your way out to ensure not to damage the digitizer cable.
    • Use one of your plastic picks to detach the iPad’s bottom right corner and firmly hold it with your fingers.
    • Just grab and hold your iPad by its bottom as well as its top right corners and flip the front glass away from your iPad.

Step 3:



  • Just unscrew and remove all the four 2.0 mm Phillips screws attaching the LCD with the back case.
  • Raise the LCD from its longer edge nearest the volume buttons and toss it out of the back case.
  • Then place the LCD over the front panel.

Step 4:


Front panel Assembly:


  • Use your plastic razor tool to gently toss the retaining flaps up located on both the ZIF sockets of the digitizer ribbon cable.
  • Use the plastic razor tool’s edge to peel off the digitizer cable away from the shields located on the logic board.
  • Gently detach the digitizer cable away from the adhesive sticking it with the back case side.
  • Remove the digitizer ribbon cable away from both of its sockets located on the logic board.
  • Just raise the LCD by its longer edge extreme from the digitizer cable and carefully toss it towards the back case.
  • Now hold the LCD up and carefully detach the front panel away from your iPad and be cautious enough not to damage the digitizer cable on the LCD or the back case.

Step 5:


Home Button assembly:


  • Now lay your iOpener or carefully use your heat gun over the home button of the display assembly.
  • Then insert the plastic razor tool just beneath the home button assembly’s right side and gently release the adhesive from there.
  • Likewise, release the left side adhesive of the home button assembly.
  • Gently raise the home button mount away from the front panel.
  • Then wedge the plastic razor tool’s edge just beneath the home button’s mounting bracket edge.
  • Just slide the plastic razor tool to release the adhesive alongside the retaining spring bracket.
  • Then detach the home button assembly along with mounting bracket away from the front panel.

Step 6:


  • Now replace the existing home button assembly with the new assembly.
  • To reassemble your iPad2 GSM device, just follow the above steps in exact reverse order.

Now the iPad2 GSM is equipped with a brand new home button assembly.

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