How to Fix iPhone 4 Cellular Antenna?

how to replace iPhone 4 cellular antenna

If you own an iPhone 4 phone and experiencing antenna or reception issues, then something must be wrong with your cellular antenna. You can visit your nearby iPhone repair shop to enquire about the problem and if they inform you that the entire antenna assembly is to be replaced, you just don’t need to pay the heavy bill right over there to get it replaced.

This step by step guide will help you out on how to replace iPhone 4 cellular antenna on your own, with only pre requisites such as correct tools and ample time.

Tools required:

  • Phillips #000 screwdriver.
  • P2 Pentalobe screwdriver.
  • Plastic razor tool.

How to Fix iPhone 4 Cellular Antenna?

Step 1:

  • Switch off your iPhone 4 device.
  • Use the correct screwdriver to unscrew and remove either (two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws or two Phillips #000 screws), located near the dock connector.

Step 2:

  • Just push the device’s rear panel toward the top edge.
  • Hold and grab with your fingers, the device’s rear panel and gently pull it away.

Step 3:

iPhone 4 battery removal:

  • Use the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew and remove the single 2.5 mm Phillips screw attaching the battery connector with the logic board.
  • Now use the plastic razor tool to gently pop off the battery connector from its socket on the logic board.
  • Gently remove the metal clip which covers the antenna connector.
  • Carefully pull the clear plastic pull tab and remove the iPhone 4 battery out of the device.

Step 4:

  • Again use the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew and remove both of the 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm Phillips screw.
  • Now pull the thin steel dock connector cable cover away from the device.

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Step 5:

  • With the plastic razor tool carefully disconnect the dock cable connector off from the logic board, both at the short ends of the connector.

Step 6:

  • Cautiously peel off the dock ribbon cable away both from the logic board as well as the lower speaker enclosure.

Step 7:

  • Again with the plastic razor tool, just pop off the lower antenna connector from its socket on the logic board.

Step 8:

  • With the Phillips screwdriver just unscrew and remove both the 1.9 mm Phillips screw as well as the 2.4 mm Phillips screw, which attaches the speaker enclosure assembly with the outer case.

Step 9:

  • Again with the plastic razor tool, gently pull the speaker enclosure assembly out of the case and just ensure not to dismantle the EMI fingers attached with the Wi-Fi antenna.
  • Now gently pull out the entire speaker enclosure assembly.

Step 10:

Cellular antenna:

  • Now again unscrew and remove two Phillips screws, with the Phillips screwdriver, attaching the antenna with the speaker enclosure.
  • With the plastic razor tool’s flat edge, just peel off the antenna from the speaker enclosure, near the cellular antenna cable.

Reminder: Just ensure to insert the plastic razor tool just beneath the plastic on which the antenna is mounted and not the metal plate.

  • Now carefully keep on peeling off the cellular antenna away from the speaker enclosure assembly.

Reminder: Be cautious not to rip off the gold bracket attached with one of the edges.

Step 11:

  • Gently remove your cellular antenna from the device.
  • Replace the old cellular antenna with the new one.
  • Now to reassemble your device, just repeat the above mentioned steps in reverse order (i.e. back from Step 10 to Step 1).

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Now your iPhone 4 device is ready with a brand new cellular antenna for you to experience uninterrupted receptions.

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