Apple iPhone 4S Teardown – A Visual Guide

Apple iPhone 4S Teardown - A Complete Guide


Now just like what the iPhone 3GS did to its predecessor the 3G, the iPhone 4S similarly knocked the iPhone 4 down to the secondary status. The iPhone 4S arrives with a faster processor, far better camera, a smarter virtual aide and double the storage capacity of its predecessor. And according to Apple, it is the most amazing iPhone ever.


Apple iPhone 4S Visual Teardown


Reminder: This teardown guide provides an inside look of the device and should not be considered as any disassembly or replacement instructions.

Tools required:


  • Phillips #000 Screwdriver.
  • iPhone 4 5 Point Pentalobe Screwdriver.
  • Spudger.


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AppleStep 1:


  • Just unpack the brand new iPhone 4s out of the box.


AppleStep 2:


  • Now to unscrew the Pentalobe screws at the bottom of the iPhone 4S, just use the iPhone 4 5 Point Pentalobe Screwdriver.


AppleStep 3:


  • Just remove the back cover of your device.


*Here you will view the complete insights of the phone device.


AppleStep 4:


  • Just remove its critically acclaimed and powerful battery.


AppleStep 5:


  • Now use the spudger tool to carefully disconnect its 8 Mega Pixel rear-facing camera.


AppleStep 6:


  • With the help of the iPhone opening tool, just disconnect the logic board.




AppleStep 7:


  • Use the spudger tool to rip the EMI shields off to reveal the logic board’s bare soul which includes Apple A5 Qualcomm Dual core processor and chipset, Avago ACPM-7181 Power Amplifier, TI 343S0538 touch screen controller, STMicro AGD8 2135 LUSDI gyroscope, STMicro 8134 33DH 00D35 three-axis accelerometer etc.


AppleStep 8:


  • Rip off one more EMI shield to reveal the Toshiba THGVX1G7D2GLA08 16 GB 24 nm MLC NAND flash memory.


AppleStep 9:


Device display assembly:


  • The Retina display is similar to iPhone 4 with the screen resolution of 960 x 640 pixels.
  • The graphics performance is improved with the A5 processor powering it.


AppleStep 10:


  • Use the spudger tool to pop off the display cable which reads the markings FA11 110717 4M0 816-0420 05 768 46 37.9 1032 GZ MB.
  • Again use the spudger tool to pop off the flex ribbon cable connectors to reveal the markings C1113320826DJGHT-A1MOXF.


AppleStep 11:


  • Use the spudger tool to pop off the vibrator. Now the iPhone 4S vibrator motor is softer, quieter and far less annoying than its predecessor.


AppleStep 12:


  • Again use the flat end of the spudger tool to pop off the front facing VGA camera of your device.


AppleStep 13:


  • Finally all the components of your iPhone 4S are disassembled.
  • Now your entire iPhone 4S is properly sorted out to pieces. To reassemble your device, just follow the above mentioned steps in reverse order (i.e. back from Step 13 to Step 1).


This is the end of our teardown journey. And what we actually found out at the end of the tunnel is that there has only been slight visible changes in iPhone 4S from its predecessor the iPhone 4, in terms of its repair.


The device still holds together with screws and limited adhesive, with easily removable and replaceable battery and rear panel (as again Pentalobe screws are used to secure the rear panel).

Before you call, have your serial number ready. To Contact Apple Customer Service, Start your support request online or Apple phone number listed here ‘ll connect you to an expert, when dialed.