ALDI Contact Number 0800 042 0800

ALDI contact number
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Call the Aldi helpful and friendly customer service on 0800 042 0800 to discuss problems with an order, to complain about a store, or to ask for information on a product or service.

The customer service number we provide will get you through to a human operator in the fastest possible time. Many customer service facilities leave customers on hold for quite a while before answering the phone. Nobody wants to hang on the phone for twenty minutes, only to get cut off when their call is tranferred. When you are stressed already, it just makes things worse. Dial the official Aldi number and you will be put through much more quickly. Just ring 0800 042 0800 and follow the simple instructions.

ALDI Customer Service 0800 042 0800

As a German owned company, Aldi is one of the newer discount supermarkets chains to come to the UK. Karl and Theo Albrecht founded the chain in Germany, in 1946. They took over their father’s store in Essen, and grew the business from there. Aldi now have 10,000 stores in 18 countries, with an estimated turnover of fifty billion euros. It is one of the largest privately owned companies. Several things about Aldi make it stand out from other supermarkets – European conventions that are unfamiliar to British shoppers.

They introduced the system of metal gates and turnstiles to the UK, and charge for plastic bags. It mainly sells its own brand goods, with just a few branded products to choose from. This not only increases sales for both items, but means the shops can be smaller. It also allows Aldi to do away with price tags, in favour of shelf labels. The continental European customer experience has been largely embraced in the UK, with people increasingly preferring low cost, low frills shopping.

Aldi Contact Information

If you would prefer to address your complaint or comment to the company by post, you can write to them at their registered address:

Aldi Stores

Holly Lane




Aldi Social Media Accounts

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Aldi Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most commonly asked questions from customers calling Aldi on 0800 042 0800are:

Why do you charge for plastic bags?

Other supermarkets charge for shopping bags too, but they hide the cost of them in the cost of your shopping. Aldi would rather give you the choice, and encourage their customers to reuse and recycle plastic bags. Aldi take their environmental responsibilities seriously. You can read all about Aldi’s Environmental policies here. Now that the 5p bag charge is in place, everyone is more used to the idea of bringing shopping bags with them when they shop.

I have bought an item from Aldi that is faulty. Can I have a refund?

Non-food items have a warranty that is at least 12 months, and can be as long as 5 years. You can return items if they break down and are under warranty, for up to 12 months, even if you have no warranty. Look for the information plate on your item for details of make and model, and refer to your manual for details about how to get in touch with the manufacturer.

Aldi Phone Number 0800 042 0800

Large companies, such as Aldi, run huge customer service facilities. They take great care with their customer relations, as they want to encourage loyalty, and happy customers will keep returning. This is great for the consumer, as it means that most customer service representatives are very well trained and know exactly how to solve the problem you bring to them. The problem only arises when the lines are busy, which for some companies is a lot of the time. This is where the official Aldi number can make your customer experience better.

Aldi Customer Services Phone Number 0800 042 0800

We provide an Aldi customer service number to enable you to get through to the right department in as quick a time as possible. We have tested our number against others you will see advertised on the Internet, and we came out top! You can use the number with confidence, in the knowledge that you will soon be talking to a human operator, not endless recorded messages and menus.


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