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Whilst Sky are best known for their excellent TV service, it’s their broadband offering which has perhaps the greatest impact on customers. Each and every day we rely on the Internet to help us do what we need to get done. From social media to banking, there’s barely any part of our lives which hasn’t been touched by the expansion of the Internet, and so, broadband has become essential in our lives. Sky Broadband is one of the newest members of the Sky services family, so where did it come from?

The 2006 launch of Sky Broadband came following the 2005 announcement that BSkyB (the former trading name of Sky) would purchase Internet service provider EasyNet in a deal reported to be worth £211 million. At that time, EasyNet were one of the two companies in the UK that had been investing heavily in Local-loop unbundling technology, which allows multiple telecommunications operators to use the same connections from telephone exchanges. Quickly rebranded as Sky Broadband, the service went live and offered extremely competitive deals in order to bring existing and new Sky TV customers into the fold on broadband as well.

Growth was remarkably swift, and by October of 2007, Sky announced that they had reached 1 million broadband customers, and claimed to be added a new customer every 40 seconds. By September 2009, they had 2.3 million customers and by 2012 were up to 4.5 million customers. Although Sky have since stopped announcing how many broadband customers they have, it’s estimated that they’ve hit 5.5 million during 2015, a number which would make them one of the top three broadband providers in the country.

Sky currently offer three packages with two speeds: 17Mb and 38Mb. The lower speed is only available on the Sky Broadband Unlimited tariff, which is slower but remains totally uncapped, whilst the higher speed is available both capped and uncapped. The company are also testing a next generation broadband system in York. The so called Sky Ultra Fibre Optic can reach speeds of up to 940Mb, but is currently only limited to a small part of York, and is being tested to see is the system is viable for the rest of the United Kingdom. If and when it comes time to expand though, you can be sure that the public will be excited.

Sky Broadband telephone number – 0844 800 3115

Head office: Unit 35, The Maltings, Charlton Trading Estate, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5QE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/skyhelpteam

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sky/

Customer services: http://help.sky.com/

Number: 0333 202 0912

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