A History of T-Mobile UK

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Mobile communications companies like T-Mobile, whether we acknowledge it or not, are responsible for some of the most important moments in our lives. The services they provide are invisible up until the point where they stop working, but they facilitate meaningful exchanges with friends, family, colleagues and everyone in between. The interactions that happen on our mobile phones have the power to change who we are, whether that’s on the phone, via text or through social media, and as such, it’s always worth paying just that little bit more attention to the companies which support them.

T-Mobile began life as Mercury One2One, a GSM mobile network operated by the long gone Mercury Communications. Later rebranded as One2One in a move which echoed the broader industry trend towards simpler names (evident in the O2 and Orange brands), One2One launched the world’s first GSM 1800 network, and showed the potential of what would later become a standard for a huge swathe of the world. That was in 1993, a time when mobile phones were still far from the everyday necessity we see them as today, and were instead an expensive luxury.

Growing in success, One2One was purchased by the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom in 1999, and operated under the One2One brand for three years, before it was rebranded as the familiar T-Mobile in the summer of 2002. It was during this period that T-Mobile saw its strongest growth, growing to become one of the two biggest mobile networks in the UK, alongside Orange. It was also during this period that T-Mobile helped to launch the G1, an innocuous smartphone with a slide out keyboard, and manufactured by HTC. It was the first ever Android phone to see launch, and though it didn’t sell particularly well, Android has grown to become the biggest mobile operating system in the world, powering phones, tablets, laptops and now car entertainment systems too.

In late 2009 is was announced that Orange and T-Mobile would merge together, to form the UK’s largest network with 37% of the market and by 2012, almost all the T-Mobile/Orange branding has disappeared in favour of the new EE brand. Now, in 2015, there is no trace of T-Mobile left, and all T-Mobile contracts are managed through the EE brand. It’s just the next step in the incredible story of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customer helpline – 0844 381 5186

Head office: Everything Everywhere Ltd., Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, AL10 9BW GBR

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EE

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ee/

Customer services: http://ee.co.uk/help

Number: 0800 956 6000

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