A Brief History of TalkTalk.

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It’s almost impossible not to encounter a TalkTalk service during your daily routine. Their broadband, home phone and digital TV services are so popular that simply strolling through town will invariably end up with you in earshot of one of their products. Unlike BT, Sky and Virgin Media though, TalkTalk don’t have a history which trails back to the early days of telephony or home internet, TalkTalk came late to the game. They did so with a simple idea: do it better, and offer it cheaper. So how did TalkTalk come to life?

The first steps towards the creation of TalkTalk came from The Carphone Warehouse’s acquisition of Opal Telecom in November 2002, a small telecommunications company which primarily offered connecting lines between businesses. It did, however, have access to BT Wholesale’s landline network, making it an ideal candidate for purchase by Carphone Warehouse. What followed was an initial trial in Manchester, where local homes and businesses were invited to try out the new, low cost telephone service. Demand far outstripped the self-imposed limits of the trial, and was deemed a significant success, and so TalkTalk was launched with a guarantee that calls would always be cheaper than they were through BT.

TalkTalk broadband was launched two years later, once again promising to keep prices low and services competitive. The company truly caught the eye when it rolled out an advertising campaign to promote their “Free broadband forever” service, which offered up to 8Mbps broadband with a 40GB monthly cap to all subscribers to their Talk3 International telephone tariff, which cost £20.99 a month. Understandably, this offer was taken up in huge numbers, which caused some significant problems for TalkTalk as the waiting list for customers wanting to join grew and significant numbers of people couldn’t get through to the TalkTalk customer services number.

In March 2010, TalkTalk and the Carphone Warehouse demerge and became separate publicly listed companies, and since then the company has continued to show strong growth. 2015 saw revenue at £1.795 billion and operating incoming nearing £1 billion, a number which makes it one of the top 250 publicly listed companies in the UK, and a growing force in the telecommunications sector. It just goes to show that doing it cheaper and doing it well can get you anywhere in the market.

TalkTalk customer contact telephone number – 0844 800 3124

Head office: TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC, 11 Evesham Street, London,W11 4AR

Twitter: https://twitter.com/talktalk_uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalkTalk/

Customer services: http://help2.talktalk.co.uk/

Number: 0870 444 1820

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