Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sky Cinema Christmas Advert

It’s mid November, and you know what that means – the return of Christmas adverts. Oh, summer feels like it was just yesterday, we know, but there’s no stopping the unstoppable juggernaut that is Christmas advertising. So, with 6 weeks to go before the big day, Sky are launching the advertising campaign for the 2016 Christmas season.

It’s Sky Cinema’s first Christmas after their successful rebrand from Sky Movies, and as such, Sky are pulling out all the stops to remind everyone just what Sky’s film channels are all about.

new comedy for 2017

There’s no denying that when it comes to new programming, Sky have been on an excellent run. Critically acclaimed comedies have been plentiful on Sky, but there’s yet to be a truly breakout comedy on the service. Blame it on the exclusivity of Sky’s platforms or a simple snobbishness about the programmes Sky make, but the company haven’t created a beloved national favourite… yet.

sky binge watching features

Though many people will stress the impact YouTube has had on our broader media consumption habits, for those that pay attention, it’s clear that the more influential service has been Netflix.

Thanks to Netflix, the way we enjoy TV has changed fundamentally. A move away from scheduled weekly broadcasting in favour of series ‘dumps’ all at once has meant that so-called ‘binge watching’ of series has exploded in popularity. Now, we’re used to sitting down with a pile of snacks and digging into a 6 hour marathon of our favourite new series.