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Being a Sky TV subscriber means getting access to the best TV from across the world. Whether it’s fantastic home-grown entertainment through Sky 1 or the best top tier American drama on Sky Atlantic, there’s plenty to love about your Sky subscription.

Indeed, over the years, the company have gotten better at surfacing the best programming they have to offer. Whether you’re a Sky+ user or the proud owner of a Sky Q box, you’re constantly being offered new and exciting programmes that you might have missed on your travels through the guide.

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Choosing a phone is one of those things which, on the face of it, shouldn’t be that hard. These days, almost every smartphone on the market is fast enough, long lasting enough and has a decent enough camera. But in a market with so much strong competition, our desire to get the very best has only increased.

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Haven’t you heard? Virtual Reality is back, and it’s better than ever. Yes, that ever-promising concept of slipping on a headset and being transported to a fully realised virtual world is back, but the time it’s got the technology to back it.

Recent years have seen the hype around VR reach a fever pitch thanks to headsets powered by high-end gaming PC’s like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. At the same time, cheap VR options like Google Cardboard and Gear VR have flooded the market.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should have been a victory lap for the Korean technology giant. As the bigger sibling of the critically lauded Samsung S7/S7 Edge, the Note 7 had high expectations to live up to. Incredibly, however, it surpassed almost every single one.

Upon its launch in mid-August, critics praised its stunning build quality, fantastic speed, excellent waterproofing, best-in-class camera and wonderful stylus support. Indeed, many claimed that the Note 7 was perhaps the best smartphone of all time.

Sky_com_ondemand I Sky On-demand

Choosing Sky as your pay-TV provider is one of the best decisions you can make when you’re making a house a home. Thanks to an unparalleled number of channels, superb curation, great customer service support and unbeatable movie and sports coverage, Sky makes a compelling choice.

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Being an O2 customer means a lot of things. The company are known for their superb range of phones (most recently the UK exclusive OnePlus 3), excellent coverage and class leading customer service. However, if there’s one thing they aren’t good at, it’s keeping their customers up to date with all the news that surrounds the company. So, to save you the time and effort, we’ve decided to bring together all the latest O2 news right here. Let’s dig in.

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Being a Sky customer means a lot of things. It means getting the best TV, superfast broadband and reliable home telephone services. It also means things like access to the latest and greatest TV tech like Sky Q and innovative home broadband solutions like Sky Broadband Shield.

When everything’s working as it should, Sky makes any home a better place to be, but what about when it isn’t? What can you do to get your issues resolved without resorting to the Sky contact number at 0844 800 3115? Well, you could make use of the Sky Diagnostic page.

sky corporate news

Keeping up to date with all the latest goings on at Sky is, at times, unnecessarily difficult. As Europe’s largest pay-TV provider, Sky is in a unique position to shape and define the way we receive entertainment in our home.

In practice, that means that the company generates a large number news stories, from new programme acquisitions, award wins and board announcements to investments, product launches and more. Put simply, there’s a lot that Sky have to talk about. But where do you find all these stories? The answer is simple: Sky Corporate

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As a Sky customer, you gain access to a huge number of benefits. From the My Sky portal to Sky’s excellent customer services department, there are hundreds of ways the company can help you get what you need.

From time to time, however, we all need information that simply isn’t available through Sky’s normal channels. It might be that you’ve got an issue with your Sky Q box that doesn’t seem worth ringing Sky about, or maybe you just want to natter about your favourite Sky Atlantic programme.

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BT is a company that needs little introduction. Since the days first telephones to be installed in the United Kingdom, British Telecom (or rather, its ancestors) has been there to connect the country. They’ve been with us through the lot, from home phones, mobile, Internet, pay-TV and broadband, but the company is far from done and dusted.

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It’s no secret that amongst the high street banks, there’s plenty of competition. From in branch experience to lending rates, there’s a constant race to win over customers. Now more than ever banks are fighting on every front for customers, with switching now as easier than ever before.

One area where the big banks have constantly lagged behind, however, is in their treatment of customers. Complaints are forever flowing in about the high street banks, but some are doing better than others.

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If you’d just been watching the news for the last 6 months, you’d be forgiven for having a pretty bleak outlook on the future of the UK economy. With the shock Brexit vote, we’ve seen the value of the pound fall to a 31 year low, banks warn of a potential UK recession and others suggesting that leaving the single market could cost us £66 billion a year – 8 times more than our EU membership fee a year.

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Today, we remember Orange as one of the true pioneers of the early mobile telecommunication era. From their inception to their ingenuous branding, the company not only helped us communicate on the go, but advance advertising in huge ways too.

Here in the UK, the brand has been retired following a number of years slow integration with the EE brand, but that doesn’t mean we can forget all about its long and lustrous history. So, in this guide, we’re going to share with you the fantastic story which has brought Orange into the present day.

british airways news

Are you looking to catch up on the latest British Airways news, but don’t want to trawl the Internet in search of the good stuff? We understand your frustration and in this post, we’re going to bring you all the latest news from the UK’s flagship airline. So, let’s dig in, shall we?

British Airways ditches free meals on short flights

asda news

ASDA have come a long way since their origins in Leeds in the 1920s, growing to become a national chain owned by Walmart and one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. However, for regular customers, they’ve always been pretty bad at getting all of the most important news about themselves together in one place. So, in an effort to help out long-time customers like yourself, we’ve brought together all the biggest ASDA stories into one place – right here. So, what have you been missing? Let’s find out.

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We all know that these days, online scammers are getting craftier and craftier. Online security is better than ever before and as a society, we’ve got a greater awareness of how to protect ourselves from online threats. However, there’s always one weakness in the system, and in this case, it seems to be our kind natures.

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For over two decades now, eBay has been the number one way that many of us buy and sell things online. From its early days as something of a wild west of trading to its position in 2016 as a respected and trustworthy place to trade. However, it’s not been plain sailing for the company in recent years.

should you buy an iphone 7

It’s that time of the year again when bank balances are scrutinised, upgrade dates are double checked and endless reviews are read. Yes, it’s new iPhone time again, so naturally we’re all asking whether it’s really worth upgrading. So, should you buy an iPhone 7?

From 6S to 7, but no great leap.

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It wasn’t so long ago now that if you were to glance at your phone, the most likely network you’d see written on the top right of your screen would be T-Mobile. The brand were everywhere, with representation on our high streets, constantly TV advertising and a strong online presence. Today, however, the brand is completely gone in the UK, though it maintains a presence elsewhere in the world.

The birth of T-Mobile

talktalk rural broadband

There was once a time when TalkTalk were, forgive the pun, the talk of the town. Launched by Carphone Warehouse with a promise of cheaper phone calls and broadband than then-leading BT, the company caused quite a stir. The year was 2002 and over the next 13 years, the company would steadily increase their customer base to become one of the UK’s bigger broadband suppliers.