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HBO’s Game of Thrones, shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic, is currently the most watched TV show airing on the channel. Raking in over a million viewers for the Season 5 finale, Season 6 started off with a bang on April 29 with 60,000 hardcore Game of Thrones fans tuning in to watch the broadcast at 2AM in the morning. Altogether, a total of 1.4 million Sky subscribers either watched live, recorded or viewed the 2AM broadcast on Catch Up TV at some point during the day it premiered.

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Are you currently a customer of Virgin Media or BT and thinking of changing your telephone, internet and broadband provider? As one of the most popular networks in the UK, Sky offers one of the biggest selections of TV channels, with certain exclusive channels such as Sky Sports that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Along with that, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to Sky Movies, Sky Entertainment and awesome kids’ channels such as the Disney Channel, depending on which package you choose.