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News that BT’s £12.5 billion takeover of EE, would go ahead came as little surprise to those within the telecommunications sector. Though on the face of it, the thought of the biggest telecommunications company swallowing whole the biggest mobile network would encroach upon the ground protected by the monopoly act, a closer look reveals that isn’t really the case. Regulatory bodies like the European Commission and Ofcom saw that the deal wouldn’t affect the amount of competition between carriers on the high street, and was therefore good to go through to the next stage.

merger could go ahead


Corporate mergers are, in reality, the sorts of things which never happen quickly. Companies may well spend years appraising each other’s position in the market, assets, potential and value before engaging in talks to take over one another. Once those discussions are taking place, there’s no guarantee that they’ll even come to anything, and if they do, due diligence could put the kibosh on the whole thing before it gets anywhere. If that doesn’t get you, then competition and regulatory bodies might well do. Needless to say then, two huge companies coming together is a tricky business.

merger could go ahead


The world of corporate mergers is one of near constant buzz. If it isn’t one company planning a merger, then it’s another, and whilst this endless hum of rumour can become hard to pay any attention to, especially with so many whispers coming to nothing, there are some you should pay heed to. We heard about one such deal in June 2015 when the Vodafone Group and Liberty Global announced that they were in talks to exchange “select assets”. At the time, a Vodafone executive said “There is no certainty that any transaction will be agreed, nor is there certainty with respect to which assets will ultimately be involved”. Ultimately, those talks came up against some major stumbling blocks, and talks were terminated as of September 2015.

o2 three investigation


The New Year isn’t quite kicking off like O2 would have hoped it might, as news has emerged that Brussels will investigate four key areas of their planned merger with Three in the UK. The proposed £10.5 billion takeover of O2 by CK Hutchison will now be investigated for collusion, in regards to wholesale costs, to handset sales and network ownership.

talktalk 2016


It’s going to be a huge year for the telecommunications industry. Moreso than any year in recent memory, these next 12 months will likely completely reshape the industry. From BT’s imminent takeover of EE, Three’s attempted purchase of O2, Sky’s launching of a mobile network and Vodafone’s potential purchase of Virgin Media owner Liberty Global, there’s huge change afoot. Those titanic moves, however, won’t overshadow what’s going on TalkTalk.

sky sports online media


There’s no pretending that the war between BT Sport and Sky Sports is a very real thing. Ever since BT Sport launched off the back of a surprise purchase of Premier League football rights, it’s been all out war to gather up the rights for as many sports as possible. On the Sky side, they’ve locked down cricket, tennis and golf broadcasts for a number of years, alongside Spanish La Liga football and many others. For BT, it’s meant scooping up FA cup action, Europa League and Champions League football, amongst countless other sports.

orange history


The history of the British telecommunications industry is, more than anything else, a history of takeovers. The companies who supply our phones with calls, texts and mobile internet have all gone through takeovers at various stages in their existence, but without those takeovers, we can be certain that they wouldn’t have developed into the businesses we know today. That’s never truer when we talk about Orange. Once the product of a complicated ownership system, it’s undergone several takeovers that all helped shape it into the company we know so well. So, let’s dig in, shall we?

listings january 2016


London is a city of attractions. Around almost every corner there’s a restaurant, venue, gallery, museum or café, but when it comes to huge music, comedy or sporting events, there’s few locations that can match the O2 arena. Formally known as the Millennium Dome, the O2 remains an important landmark in London and a crucial hub for the arts. But what’s coming up on at the O2 Arena? Let’s take a look at the highlights.

bt ee deal completed


The New Year is kicking off exactly how BT would have hoped it would. Their protracted purchase of the UK’s biggest mobile network, EE, now appears to be just days away from getting the rubber stamped approval of Ofcom. Reports coming from insiders within Ofcom suggest that they’re now preparing to wave through BT’s £12.5 billion acquisition, as the regulator dots the I’s and crosses the T’s.

vodafone deals


These days, a mobile contract is something of a necessity for going about our day to day lives. From paying for lunch to organising a ride home, our mobile phones have become crucial tools for navigating the world around us. As such, having a contract which gives us everything we need is crucial. These days though, there are countless different ways to get minutes, data and texts on to your phone, so how do you know what to choose? In this guide, we’ll be looking at the options you’ve got on Vodafone in the UK, so let’s dig in.

What's happening in 2016 Virgin

2015 was a big year for Virgin Media. They completely revamped their advertising, launched a new 200Mbps broadband option for those seeking truly ludicrous speeds and announced a new entertainment channel to compete with the likes of Sky Atlantic. It was also a year that saw the number of complaints submitted to the company continue to fall as a mixture of good communication and excellent customer service conspired to make customers happier than ever before.

Sky Atlantic programmes 2016

2015 was a huge year for Sky’s TV efforts. Backed by a war chest of £600 million in funding for new programming, the combined forces of Sky’s entertainment channels have been at work commissioning bold new series like The Last Panthers and Fortitude, alongside bringing great programmes from overseas like The Muppets, Game of Thrones and Dag. Needless to say, it was a year that saw Sky go from TV service to creator of some of the UK’s most loved and talked about TV programmes. That shift was far from accidental, and as we move into 2016, it’s something that Sky are looking to keep up, especially as Virgin Media come nipping at their heels with the launch of their AMC channel.