Monthly Archives: January 2014

Vodafone contact number

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

For Vodafone customer service, call the Vodafone helpline on 0844 800 3116 today to speak with a member of the Vodafone customer services department.

Sky Advertising AdSmart Tesco RBS

Sky news update: the introduction of a new advertising scheme by BSkyB targeting demographics has already caught the eye of companies such as Tesco and RBS.

Advertising is something that has always had an element of the black arts about it, there are a certain number of obvious guidelines to follow but ultimately people have free choice and whether those who are targeted respond to the advertising or not is personal choice. However, given the general rule that when advertising can be tailored to certain demographics and the company reaps the rewards, Sky have developed a new level of advertising.

Netflix UK ISP Speed Index Virgin Media

Virgin Media news update: Virgin Media’s internet service has once again been deemed the best peak time broadband provider in the Netflix UK ISP Speed Index.

Since being launched in November 2012, Virgin Media have held the top spot for peak time broadband services – ideally best for viewing all the entertainment shows on Netflix – on the Netflix UK ISP Speed Index, apart from for one month in last October when BT received the accolade.

O2 wallet contactless payment

O2 news update: O2 have announced the closure of their mobile payment system O2 Wallet. The announcement comes 18 months after the concept was launched.

At a time when major credit card companies were also establishing themselves in the remote payment market, O2 launched their version of the system. This was slightly different to the touch-payment system that is now in place for small charges and demanded that the customer load a certain amount of money onto their account before being able to transfer money.

Eon Suggest How To Cut Energy Bills

Eon news update: new advice coming from energy suppliers is to find innovative ways to cut monthly energy costs, including showering with your partner.

With the cost of basic energy seemingly going through the roof, some energy companies and money management companies have offered up some solutions in order to reduce these monthly outgoings.

BT Internet Telephone Services

BT news update: prices for customers with the company’s phone and broadband contracts will find themselves on the end of price increases in the new year.

BT are continuing to be a regular feature in the telecommunications headlines as their battle with rival company BSkyB rages on. Both companies are focussed on excelling in the sports broadcasting and entertainment market in order to become the most popular operator throughout the UK.